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Contributors Learning Forex Day Trading from a Master
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In my extensive experience in the markets, those who trained me always taught that 80% of day traders don’t succeed. Therefore, conventional wisdom dictates that the best advice is this: Don’t day trade and don’t teach other people to do it either.

But, then again, our job at The Sovereign Investor is to defeat conventional wisdom, and turn negatives into positives, or rather, profits.

It’s true that 80% is a big and accurate number, which was confirmed in a study by the University of California at Berkeley back in 2004.

The phenomenon is not unique to market traders. There are those in other professions who can do what most people can’t.

A Small Percentage of People Always Buck the Trend

For instance, only about 30% of the people that enter the Navy SEAL program succeed in getting through the training. But out of that 30%, we get an elite force that can do more than most.

I’ve got two friends with sons in a SEAL program. They didn’t tell their sons not to do it because “only 30% are successful.”

And what about people that make more than $250,000 a year? As it turns out, only around 2.5% of the population earn that kind of money and more. But, still, some do it.

And what if you followed one of them around? What if you did what they did and learned to think like them? What would be your chances of making similar pay? Much higher actually.

So instead of focusing on the 80% of day traders who don’t make the cut, I made it my business to learn about the 20% that did.

Then I finally met one.

Tom Gregory has been a close friend of mine for more than five years now. He and I have worked in the industry together and even in the same departments as during those years.

In fact, throughout much of that time, he either sat across from me or sat beside me.

He was always ridiculed by the other teammates because he chose to day trade. He was ridiculed because they couldn’t do it… so they felt he shouldn’t be able to do it either.

But no matter what these “teammates” felt or thought – Tom Gregory was in that 20%!

Just because most people can’t do something doesn’t mean no one can.

You see, I chose not to ridicule him, because I knew that some people really were successful at day trading and it really wasn’t rocket science to see that he was part the “elite force” – a Navy SEAL of the trading floor.

Taking Hundreds & Multiplying Them into Thousands…

One way, Tom Gregory decided to share one of his trading reports with me. I’ll never forget seeing it. I was quite impressed!

Even when he was just playing around “for fun” and not even trying hard, he was able to take just a few hundred dollars in a Forex trading account and run it up to $2,000 or $3,000…AND DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN.

It was then that I approached my publisher about “this guy who really knew how to day trade.” I talked to them about establishing “a first” for our industry… a trading room that was “live.”

They liked the idea and before long, 8-Minute Currency Trader service was born.

Looking Over the Shoulder of An Elite Trader

It’s here that Tom Gregory tells you what he’s watching and what he’s thinking. In fact, you can even see what he’s doing. He literally shares his trading screen with you in real-time.

I love this format because here you’re actually able to piggyback off of one of the 20% of day traders who is successful? You can trade what he’s trading and when he’s trading it.

It gives you the chance to become a part of that elite force, too.

And that’s just what Tom Gregory does three days a week with his subscribers.

He signs on for an hour or so each of those days, makes some cool cash and then takes off for the rest of the day – and you’re right there with him.

A Trader Who Breaks the Mold

Tom Gregory was the first, and he remains one of the only, day traders I’ve known who doesn’t spend eight to 10 hours a day in front of a screen.

Some traders hardly even give themselves time for a restroom break!

But Tom Gregory breaks the mold.

He has found a way to get the best of both worlds. He’s a day trader who makes money, and still has time for an abundant, full life outside of his trading.

He also had the comfort of knowing he isn’t exposed to any market risks at any other time – because he’s making money with his account and is only exposed to the forces of the market for about an hour a day. It’s quite amazing.

So while I’d been trained to believe that “no one made money by trading on anything under a “one-hour or four-hour time frame chart,” Tom Gregory has blown that notion out of the water.

I’ll never forget him telling me: “Sean, markets are fractal. The same things you look for and trade off on a four-hour chart, you can use to trade in a five or 15-minute chart.”

So if you’re interested in day trading, for my money this is the only sensible route.

Don’t go it alone. Instead, look over the shoulder of one of the 20% who really knows how to do it.

Let him teach you, live and in person, while he’s making the trades and explaining the strategy.

The beauty of it is that you don’t even have to risk any actual money. With Tom Gregory, you get the chance to learn first with a demo Forex account and trade until you feel comfortable enough to “go live” with real trading account.

It’s a terrific opportunity to learn – and profit – from a true master trader.

Have a Nice day!

Sean Hyman, Editor
Currency Cross Trader

P.S. As European debt worries persist, solutions fizzle and global stock markets gyrate, it doesn’t take a genius to see that volatility will continue to be the order of the day. However, our mission at Sovereign Investor is to find ways for our members to profit, even when the rest of world seems to have gone haywire. That is why our recent interview with one the world’s top currency traders has become required reading. He explains how to make substantial gains in the Forex markets, no matter what the market madness. For access to this essential information, click here…

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