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Contributors How the Passing of an Evil Dictator Will Affect the Markets…
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On Saturday, Kim Jong Il passed away. He was a very evil dictator that has caused one of the worst catastrophes in modern day. He allowed over 2 million of his people to starve to death while he heaped the most lavish things of life upon himself and his family.

He was truly a “self-focused” leader that never made his life really count. I’m not sure how cold and heartless one has to be to willingly let 2 million of their own starve to death…but whatever it took to get there, believe me…he got it!

By the way, how do you know if you’ve really made your life count? You’ll know it because you’ve made a difference in someone’s life for the better. You proved to be “others-focused”.

So enough of my ranting about another evil dictator wiped from the face of the Earth. Where does that leave things?

Well, it leaves his 28-29 year-old in charge, Kim Jong Un. That’s a pretty scary thing when you think about a guy that young running his own country and military with access to missiles, etc.

I know the speculation is that there will be people to guide him for about a year…but that’s not enough either. Also, we’ll find out if he holds to his father’s wide-held evil beliefs or not. My guess is that the father thought so and that’s why he left him in charge.

Also, there still could be a struggle for power before its all said and done. You’ll remember that an older brother got passed over because he fell out of favor with his father. The father says the eldest son is too effeminate to run the country. Yet, will that older son come back from China and try to take back over?

The other “unknown” is Kim Jong Un’s aunt and uncle. (The aunt was Kim Jong Il’s sister.) She’s just as evil as her brother. She’s a professional drunk and 4-star General all at the same time. But she and the uncle have been known to kill those that get in their way.

So you never know if they’ll try to overthrow the young lad or not. But it’s surely possible.

This leaves a ton of unanswered questions and no one knows the new dictator’s ways yet. Is he “less evil” than his father? Or will he be like his father on steroids? Who knows…and if there’s one thing that I know about markets, they hate uncetainty.

This took down the financial markets overnight as it was confirmed that the old ruler had passed away. South Korean stocks (and their currency, the won) were both considerably lower after the news because who knows what the new ruler will do.

Will he try to flex his muscles early on and get everyone scared of him? That’s what most dictators do. So that wouldn’t surprise me. Otherwise some will see him as being “soft”. And that’s a hard image for a dictator to have.

So in 2011, we saw two wicked rulers pass away. The only thing is…what replaces them? Something more evil and corrupt? (Likely!) Or a change for the better? (Less Likely!) But one thing is for sure…time will tell.

But for the next little bit, all financial markets could be a bit uneasy until we see how all of this hashes out.

At least in the near-term, this could continue to be good for the U.S. dollar and bad for stocks and other riskier assets.

Sean Hyman
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