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Contributors A Huge Breakout Coming in 2012!

Here’s a huge breakout that’s coming in 2012. It’s on USD/CAD on its daily chart. Check it out below. Click on the chart to enlarge it.

This is one pair I’ll be watching for my Currency Cross Trader subscribers going into 2012.

Symmetrical triangles coil up because traders are going through a tug-of-war process. But eventually, one side (the bulls or the bears) get tired and the other side pulls them across the line (which shows up as a breakout of the pattern to the up or downside).

The wider the open side of the triangle (left side), the larger the breakout will be. You can see from the arrows above that the breakout that I anticipate on USD/CAD will be huge.

So come join us in the Currency Cross Trader and trade some patterns like this with us in 2012.

Sean Hyman
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