Today is Sun, October 15, 2017 3:27:08 GMT
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Forex Chart of the Day USD/JPY looking familiar

After reaching 78.27 last week on concerns over Japan’s first monthly deficit in nearly 30 years and a decline in growth outlook, USD/JPY started this week in familiar territory again 76.60 – 76.80.  Other than Japan’s Jobless rate tomorrow, there isn’t much news to trade with.  Perhaps of more interest is the EUR/JPY movement where Japanese officials have recently hinted concerns over its rapid decline against the JPY.  We think the market may test ‘BOJ water’ this week with sub 76.00 and we dare say 75.00 to see if there is any ‘intervention bites’ around.  For the rest of Monday market may range 76.54 – 77.12.