Today is Sun, October 15, 2017 3:26:10 GMT
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Contributors Another 140 Pips of Profit Booked Thanks to the Federal Reserve
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The Federal Reserve has tipped its hand and we’re on the offensive…taking aim at their schemes by making the right trades to combat the effects of inflation and dollar dillution. 

So far we’ve booked all three trades as winners. They were all plays that benefited from the downward spiral of the dollar and from an increase in inflation that has already begun. 

We’ve still got a leg in the game by leaving on some lots in the market that have a stop-loss at just above breakeven…so we could get even more out of this trade. 

We also just launched our next “inflation-fighting” trade today. I believe it will prosper as this multi-year scheme of the Fed continues to play out. 

Make sure you’re being proactive with your financial assets as well. Don’t let the central bank dilute your wealth just because they’re trying to pay back debts with cheaper dollars and prop up the economy artificially. 

Most of America will continue to have a lower standard of living because of these tactics of the Fed. Don’t let that happen to you. Do like me and my Currency Cross Trader subscribers are doing. We’re not sitting idly by…instead we’re making trades that actually profit from increases in inflation and decreases in the value of the dollar. 

Sean Hyman
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