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Contributors One Sentence from ECB’s Draghi sent my position soaring another 70 pips!
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The day the markets have been waiting for…no not the ECB interest rate announcement, strangely enough. It was the announcement, which oddly enough came through ECB’s Draghi at the press conference. 

He said a lot of course but it was one single sentence that sent our Currency Cross Trader position in AUD/JPY soarning another 70 pips (for a total of over 200 pips). 

He  simply said that there has been an agreement reached with Greece. Well, that’s all the market needed to hear. It took off!

My Aussie position jumped 30 pips immediately and has been heading higher ever since. 

This is our fourth winner in a row now and all trades of 2012 have been winners so far. 

We’ve still got another position out there that’s up 123 pips right now too. 

We hopped on the “risk-on bandwagon” early on in 2012 as I saw the Dollar Index crack its uptrend line and head lower and as I saw Copper breakout higher. Those were all the bullish signs I needed. 

Copper heads higher when there is more demand placed upon it by global growth and the dollar tends to head lower again  when the worst is behind the markets. 

I knew that many market participants would still be on the defensive, risk-off side of the trade so I knew there was a huge chance to profit…and a nice profit is what we got. 

Sooner or later, we’re going to get a pullback in the financial markets. They’ve done nothing but go straight up since the first of the year. So don’t let the pullback scare you. It’s been long overdue. When it does come, it will allow me to position ourselves into more pairs to profit! 

Sean Hyman
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