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Contributors Think Inflation Isn’t Rising? Think Again!
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I know that Ben Bernanke tells us all that inflation is in check and won’t be growing. However, I’d rather track a basket of goods that you and I buy every week than blindly trust our central banker.

So that always takes me back to the CRB Commodity Index, which tracks a basket of 19 commodities such as butter, cocoa, copper, corn, steel, sugar and wheat.

This index really is a “cost of living” index, which determines the average person’s standard of living.

As it goes up, it means inflation is heading higher, which translates into most people’s standard of living going downward … unless they buy assets which benefit from inflation such as commodities and commodity-related stocks. That’s what we do in the Commodity Trend Alert newsletter.

Let’s check out what inflation is actually doing and not what the central banker says it’s doing. After all, charts don’t lie.

Proof That Inflation is Heading Higher

See larger image

We see two technical conditions on the chart above that prove inflation is back on the rise.

First, we see a major “higher low” in June/July of this year that was higher than the last one in May/June of 2010.

Also, we see that the latest push higher in the CRB Commodity Index has broken a downward corrective line (red) that has lasted for almost a year and a half. So that’s significant.

Both of these technical conditions prove that inflation is back on the move upward and not in check as Bernanke claims.

Well … I heard Judge Judy say the other day, “How do you know when a teenager is lying? Their lips are moving.”

I think Judge Judy would say the same thing about our central banker.

Have a nice day!

Sean Hyman

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