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MT4 Trading & Education How to reshuffle, reorder, rearrange windows on the Metatrader MT4 Platform


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An MT4 platform displays multiple windows. You can choose to display them by hovering over VIEW along the top, then selecting the drop down options for


If you select to display all these windows, your MT4 screen will look something like this:


Occasionally, due to some accidental clicking and dragging, our screen can look messed up like this:


How do we then reorder the windows?

Look at the red lines draw on the picture below. We simply have to click on these regions of the respective windows, and drag the window blocks around the screen until they lock back into their respective positions. It may take a number of tries and can get a little frustrating.

As you drag each window around the screen, it will give either a portrait preview or a landscape preview; for example the “Terminal” window is usually in the landscape position. Move the window until you see the preview you want and release your mouse button so the window locks into position.


With some practise you will have no problems at all reordering the windows on your MT4 platform!

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