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MT4 Trading & Education How to Remove Expert Advisor from MT4 Strategy Tester?


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For those of us Metatrader Robot fans, here is a common problem forex traders face after testing hundreds of FX expert advisors: an extremely cluttered Strategy Tester. Just a quick introduction to newbies, Strategy Tester is a function within MT4 which allows traders to backtest expert advisors. Traders load an EA onto a currency pair and start the backtest. Over time, more and more robots are “stored” in the drop down as seen below:

mt4strategy tester

Even if you completely delete these Expert Advisor files in your “experts” folder, which are either .mq4 or .ex4, they still appear in the drop down menu, which can be confusing if you constantly add on more robots to test.

MT4 navigator

To remove expert advisors from the MT4 strategy tester drop down menu, click View > Navigator > Expert Advisors, and you will see a whole list of expert advisors you have previously loaded. Right click on any of them, click “Delete”, and this action would correspondingly delete the EA from the strategy tester drop down menu as well. Note that you have to restart your MT4 to see the changes

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