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MT4 Trading & Education How to Save a Template on MT4?


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Clients sometimes ask us how to save a template on Metatrader, so that the colors, indicators and settings remain the same when they re-open the MT4 platform. One way to do this is to save a template once you are happy with what you see.

In this example, we show the default Ichimoku indicator painted across the default currency chart:

eurusd1 7 Sept 2013

Let’s say we do not like the default settings and we change it to something like this instead:

eurusd2 7 Sept 2013

How to Save MT4 Template

After setting up your charts and templates, you now want the colours you select to remain the same every time you close and then open MT4, so that you do not have to reset the colours. This is how you save the templates so that the colours of the chart remain as selected:

Right click on the chart and select “Save Template”


How to Load MT4 Template

Once you save it under a name of your preference, this template will be stored in your MT4, so you can load it onto any chart. Open a chart > Click Charts > Template > Then click on the name of template which you want – in this example below, the cursor is on the Bollinger Band template. Once you click, the template will take effect.


How to Export MT4 Template

Sometimes we want this template not only on our home computer, but perhaps on our office computer, or we want to share an MT4 forex template with a friend. Here’s what you do, locate the folder where the template is; for my computer this would be:

file for template

You can copy the template with file extension “.tpl” – this is the file which contains the template you want. So you can email this file to yourself, then go to your office, and paste it into the MT4 folder in your office computer. Then repeat the steps above and you can replicate the MT4 template on any computer you want.

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