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MT4 Trading & Education How to Close All trades at once on MT4 Platform



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Most MT4 forex traders are familiar with Indicators and Expert Advisors, but lesser know about scripts. If you click on view > Navigator, you will be able to easily load indicators, expert advisors and scripts onto your MT4 charts:

 view navigator

To the left of the screen shot below you will see the navigator:

mt4 many trades

In this example, you can see in the terminal, the trader has multiple trades open, triggered from multiple currency pairs, from multiple charts. In the event where the trader wants to close ALL trades all at once, there is no default MT4 function for that. Such a scenario may happen when there’s an emergency, or an account wide risk management policy. The default MT4 only has a script called “Close”, which if you drag onto any chart, it close trades for that chart.

To close all open trades at once, you will require a special script which allows for that. Drag it across following the blue arrow in the diagram above, and the trades will close sequentially and automatically. You may be able to find this script on public forums, and we also have a custom MT4 script which we share with clients.

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