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MT4 Trading & Education What to do when MT4 platform hangs


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In this article we address a common problem for serious MT4 forex traders – the hanging MT4. The most obvious reason why your Metatrader stalls is because it is overloaded with running MT4 software, and your computer does not have the processing capability to run them all, in addition to whatever you are operating outside MT4. Follow these simple steps and it should help:

1. Close as many programs as possible, including Metatrader

2. Click on your Windows task bar and look for “View running processes with Task Manager”, then close any programs which you do not require under “Applications” and “Processes”.

3. Re-open your MT4. If it still hangs proceed below.

4. Close any charts which you are not using.

5. Right click on charts > Expert Advisors > Remove.

right click EA

6. Right click on charts > Indicators and remove those you do not require.

right click indicators

7. If your MT4 still hangs, re-install a new Metatrader program from your broker.

8. If the above do not work, you probably need a new computer with greater processing capacity.

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