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MT4 Trading & Education Why does MT4 EA work well on Demo but not on Live Account?

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This is a commonly asked question and unfortunately, there is no easy fix because there are numerous reasons why an MT4 software could behave this way. One indicator that the EA is not working is instead of a little round smiley face, you see an “X” at the top right of your screen, after loading the EA:

mt4 smiley face

The first action to try on the Metatrader platform will be to allow both live trading, and DLL imports. DLL imports allow your MT4 account to communicate with the EA provider’s server. There are 2 instances which you can enable these. The first will be to go Tools> Options > Expert Advisors and you will see this pop up box where you can enable live trading and DLL imports:

 mt4 allow live trading

Next, when you drag an EA onto a chart, you will see a box like this pertaining to the EA, where you can again select to enable live trading and DLL imports:

 Ea for live trading

If you are still not able to run the EA on a live server, it is very likely that the programmer of the EA included coding which restricts the software. For example, the EA might have a demo account working only code but prevents trading on live account, or there might be a coding to expire the software after a certain date, especially if the software was purchased and the producer would like you to re-subscribe. After loading the EA, click View > Terminal > Journal and take note of any error messages which should be displayed for troubleshooting.

If the above simple troubleshooting methods do not work, pass the .mq4 file to an MT4 programmer and ask him/her what’s the error.

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