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Bitcoin Auction Announcement Sinks Prices

The bitcoin move up didn’t last long. Shortly after prices fell below the $400 mark yesterday, we got news that the US Marshall is accepting bids for a new auction of 50,000 bitcoins.The move sank prices and in few hours BTC hit a daily low of $373.03. In the early part of today’s trading session […]

Bitcoin Retests $400 After Rally

Bitcoin is retesting the $400 mark after a sizable $40 dollars rally during the past two days. On Saturday, the retracement took prices to a low of $365.15. But from here, BTC/USD rallied $15 dollars on Sunday and a further $25 dollars today to hit a swing high of $405.94. Since then prices have eased […]

Bitcoin Volatility Leads to ”Haircuts” on Leveraged Platforms

If you’re reading our daily roundups, then you are probably aware of the extreme volatility we’ve been having the last few days. This was especially the case on November 12th and November 13th. On both of these days bitcoin had a massive daily range of $69 dollars. The price swings on November 13th were particularly […]

Bitcoin in Another Losing Session

Bitcoin looks set to close another trading session in the red. After opening at $391, BTC/USD proceeded to rally to $403 flat. But just like yesterday, the rally got used to sell the cryptocurrency. The fall took prices below the $374-$380 support area and soon enough BTC was trading below the $370 mark at $367.67. […]

Bitcoin Down 2 Percent in Volatile Session

Bitcoin is trading down 2.2 percent today after another volatile trading session. We opened the day at $400 flat on BTC-E. From here, BTC/USD rallied to a daily high of $420.99 before falling back. The reversal lead to losses in excess of $40 dollars and bitcoin hit a daily low of $377.98 around mid-day. Prices […]

Bitcoin Retraces Most of the Gains

It’s been a highly volatile 24 hours for Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency opened the day at $418.90 on BTC-E. From here, BTC staged a rally to hit $454 per coin around mid-day. This is an important resistance for bitcoin, as this is close to where the previous sharp rally ended. On September 23rd, the PayPal induced […]

Bitcoin Rallies $66 as Trend Shifts to the Upside

Bitcoin looks set to have its best day in months after prices rallied a massive $66 dollars today. After opening at $363 on BTC-E, bitcoin hesitated for a few hours around the weak resistance at $380 (mentioned in our roundup yesterday). But soon after the break, BTC/USD was trading at the $400 mark. Surprisingly, both […]

Bitcoin Eases Up, RBNZ ”Not Worried”

Bitcoin’s rally eased up today as prices fell to the $360 mark. After opening at $366 per coin BTC staged a short-lived rally to $372 only to fall to a daily low of $358 ten hours later. We are currently trading at $362 on BTC-E, compared to $365 on OKCoin and $367 on BitStamp. Here’s […]

Bitcoin Rallies for a Second Day, $374 Hit

The BTC rally continues for a second day. After prices took out the important $350 level yesterday, bitcoin hit a daily high of $358.70 before closing at $356. Today, BTC/USD rallied over 18 dollars to hit $374.60 on BTC-E. We are currently quoted at $370 per coin. Like we mentioned in our article yesterday, while […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 10th November 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) has resumed its hot streak, jumping another 7% during the past 24h. It is currently trading at a 17-day high of $368 on BTC-e. Since bottoming at $318 last week, BTC has returned 15%. BTC has successfully cleared $360, a difficult point of resistance encountered 2 weeks ago. Mid-term, the next challenge will be the formidable […]

Bitcoin Downtrend Likely Over as $350 Gives Way

The downtrend in bitcoin prices is likely over, at least in the short-term. After opening at $341, BTC slowly gained ground until it eventually took out the important $350 level. We are currently trading at $353.87 on BTC-E. As usual, prices are slightly higher on OKCoin at $354 and at BitStamp at $355 for one […]

Bitcoin Barely Changed in Slow Weekend Session

Bitcoin is trading barely changed in a slow weekend session. After opening at $339.60 on BTC-E, prices rallied to a daily high of $344.55. From here, BTC/USD reversed course to hit $337.31, almost matching yesterday’s low at $337.01. We are currently trading at $341 per coin on BTC-E. Prices are slightly higher at $343 on […]

Bitcoin Rally Stalls at $350

The $350 figure proved to be a formidable barrier yet again. The $345-$350 area was significant support on the way down but after prices broke below two weeks ago, it switched to a resistance level. Last week a short-lived spike took prices briefly above the $350 mark but less then 1 hour later BTC/USD was […]

Bitcoin Jumps as FBI Shuts Down Silk Road 2.0

Bitcoin jumped 12 dollars yesterday as the FBI, along with the Department of Homeland Security and Europol took down Silk Road 2.0. Prices rallied from $336 to a daily high of $348 as the news about the shutdown hit the wires. We are currently trading just below the highs at $346 per coin. The alleged […]

Bitcoin Edges Up $12, Transactions at All Time High

Bitcoin moved up $12 dollar today, from $323 to $335 per coin. The bounce from $319 led to a small rally for the cryptocurrency and around mid-day we hit $338.99 on BTC-E. The daily high on BitStamp was few dollars higher at $341. We are currently quoted at $335 on BTC-E compared to $340 on […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 5th November 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) has bounced back, hitting $338.50, its highest price this month on BTC-e. The rise represents but a small break in its losing streak that started in mid-October. The streak saw BTC set successively lower multi-week lows. It did hold off, however, from seriously threatening 2014 lows. Selling decelerated 24h ago when prices compressed no […]

Bitcoin Bounces off $319 Again

Bitcoin bounced off the $319 support again. In today’s trading session, prices got as low as $319.16 before rebounding to a daily high of $328.12. The $319 level proves to be a difficult hurdle to overcome for the bears. We are currently trading at $325 per coin on BTC-E, compared to $327 on OKCoin and […]

Bitcoin Putting up a Fight Every Step of the Way

The slow drift lower continues for Bitcoin but the cryptocurrency is putting up a fight every step of the way. Two days ago prices stalled/reversed near the $330 mark, today that honor goes to $320 as BTC halted the decline then gained some ground just above the figure. In the previous two weeks BTC/USD has […]

Bitcoin Slightly Up After Two Days of Losses

Bitcoin is trading slightly up today after the previous two days ended in losses for the cryptocurrency. Since our update yesterday, BTC/USD fell to a new low of $319.14. Today that low got retested at $319.10 but BTC prices subsequently rebounded to $324 per coin. This is slightly higher compared to today’s opening price of […]

Bitcoin Extends Decline as $330 Gives Way

Bitcoin extended the decline today, breaking below the weak support at $330. Soon after, BTC/USD fell to a low of $324.85. From here BTC rallied somewhat to retest the $330 mark but the bulls were unable to climb back above the level. We are currently trading at $327 per coin on BTC-E. As usual, prices […]