Today is Fri, October 20, 2017 6:27:22 GMT
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Bitcoin Continues Move Lower

After yesterday’s failed break above $350, everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency resumed the downtrend today. Prices got as low as $332 in the late part of today’s trading session. We are currently trading not far from these lows at $334 per coin. Like I mentioned in my article yesterday, the two points to keep an eye on […]

Bitcoin Goes Nowhere Fast

It’s been an exciting 24 hours for bitcoin. The cryptocurrency finally broke the $345 support, then proceeded to take out the $337 swing low. Soon after, BTC/USD fell to a daily low of $328.93. Toward the end of today’s trading session, prices gave the $330 support another try. This time the test went as low […]

Bitcoin in Sixth Day of Battle With $350

Bitcoin is still unable to break past the $345-$350 support area. Yesterday’s rally fizzled out at $355 and BTC/USD slowly drifted to a daily low of $343.67 today. But again prices didn’t stay low for long and soon after bitcoin rallied to hit $349 per coin. We are currently trading at $347.35 on BTC-E. This […]

Bitcoin Falls on New Regulatory Push

Bitcoin fell 2 percent on a new regulatory push in the States. The Securities and Exchanges Commission is allegedly sending out hundreds of letters to bitcoin companies while FinCEN issued two new administrative rulings regarding virtual currency. Prices fell from $553 to a low of $446 on the news. But later in the day BTC […]

Bitcoin Barely Changed as Blockchain Technology Has New Supporter

Bitcoin is trading barely changed after another day spent around the $350 figure. Earlier today prices fell to a low of $342.20 only to rally to a daily high of $354.30 few hours later. We are currently trading at $353 per coin on BTC-E. As usual prices are slightly higher on OKCoin at $354 and […]

Bitcoin Undecided, Next Move to Determine Direction

It’s been almost 24 hours since our last update and bitcoin is still battling with the $350 figure. In the early part of today’s trading session the bears made another move to try and clear out the $345-$350 support area but only managed to get prices to a low of $344 before retracting. The subsequent […]

Bitcoin’s Fight With $350 Continues

Bitcoin is continuing the fight with the $345-$350 support area. Earlier in the day it looked like the bears had won, after breaking past $345 prices quickly fell to a daily low of $337. But in the next 2 hours BTC/USD climbed back above $340 and few hours later prices were again flirting with the […]

Bitcoin Bounces Off $350

Bitcoin continued yesterday’s decline. Prices got as low as $349.11 in today’s trading session. But BTC/USD quickly bounced off the $345-$350 support area and rallied to a daily high of $359.98 soon after. After another unsuccessful attempt to break above $460 later in the day, BTC fell back down and is currently trading at $353 […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 23rd October 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) has just broken through $361 to $358 on BTC-e, setting a new 10-day low and suggesting a possible return into the low $300’s during the next 2-4 weeks. BTC has declined by over 5% during the past 12h, a relatively large move during what has become a fairly quiet 2 weeks of trading. […]

Bitcoin Breaks $362, Support at $345 Eyed

After an uneventful couple of days, bitcoin volatility is back. Today BTC prices fell almost $20 dollars, from $376.99 to a low of $357. The October 16th swing low at $362 could only hold prices for five hours, then the bears managed to break support and soon  BTC/USD continued the move down. Bitcoin is currently […]

Bitcoin Developer Gavin Andresen Holds Reddit AMA

Bitcoin is currently quoted at $380, just $2 dollars weaker compared to yesterday. Prices first rallied to a high of $385 only to fall back to a low of $379 few hours later. Bitcoin is still in the middle of the emerging range between $362 and $388. The 1 Hour chart below that shows that […]

Bitcoin Range Continues as Rakuten Enters the Ring

After yesterday’s $6 dollar drop, bitcoin reversed the losses today and is currently trading back above the $380 figure. At this point, this level have been broken and re-broken so many times that it should now be considered irrelevant. Bitcoin prices may be slowly settling into a range. The top of this newly formed congestion […]

Bitcoin Falls After Break of $380

After a short-lived battle with $380, bitcoin broke the support level in the early Asian session today. The break lead to a quick fall to $372.50. In our article yesterday, we mentioned the possibility of this exact scenario. After hitting a daily low of $372, BTC/USD quickly rallied back and is currently retesting $380 again. […]

Bitcoin Down $5 in Slow Weekend Session

Bitcoin is trading down $5 dollars in a slow weekend session. The daily range has shrunk from yesterday’s 14 to a mere 9 points today. But the lower volatility is not solely due to the weekend. The 20 Day Daily Range has fallen from $32 dollars on October 7th to $25 dollars today. After a […]

Bitcoin Undecided After Rally Stalls

Bitcoin is trading more or less unchanged in the past three days, despite the wild price gyrations in the meantime. After Thursday’s $15 dollar drop, BTC/USD rallied 4 points yesterday and a further 9 points today to almost wipe out the previous losses. Bitcoin is currently quoted at $385 on BTC-E, compared with $392 on […]

Bitcoin Exchange BitStamp to Confiscate Unverified Accounts

Bitcoin is trading slightly higher since our last update. Last night we saw renewed selling that brought BTC/USD down to $362.77. But BTC quickly rebounded from the lows and is currently trading at $377 on BTC-E. As usual, prices are slightly higher on rival exchange BitStamp at $382 per coin. Speaking of BitStamp, the bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Breaks $381 as Move Lower Continues

Bitcoin is continuing the downmove started in the aftermath of the Lawsky’s speech yesterday. After losing $12 dollars yesterday, BTC/USD is currently down $21 dollars at $366 per coin. Around mid-day, prices again briefly tested the $381 figure. This level was the swing high during the initial bitcoin rally from $285 and has now turned […]

Bitcoin Regulation Coming to US by End of Year

Bitcoin companies operating in New York (or serving NY residents) will have to comply with a completely new regulatory framework in the next few months. In a speech in front of the Cardozo Law School, Ben Lawsky, the Superintendent of the New York Department of Financial Services, told the crowd that he expect the new […]

Bitcoin Breaks $381 as Move Up Continues

Bitcoin continued the move up today, breaking the $381 swing high. In the next 10 hours, BTC/USD gained over $27 dollars, leaping over the $400 round figure, to hit a daily high of $408.20. Soon thereafter however BTC reversed most of the gains and is currently trading at $392 per coin. The bullish run is […]

Bitcoin Rally Comes Short

After spending the last three days hovering just above the $350 mark, bitcoin rallied today. But the move up came short of the October 9th swing high at $381. 75 (BTC-E). Prices gained $22 dollars to hit an interim high of $378.11. Despite today’s rally, this is now the 5th day of BTC prices stuck […]