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Bitcoin Flat, A Look at Fundamentals

Bitcoin is trading flat in a calm Sunday session. Prices opened at $356.96 on BTC-E. From here, we fell to again retest the $350 figure. After the bounce, BTC/USD rallied somewhat and is currently quoted at $358 on BTC-E. Prices are trading higher on BitStamp at $364 per coin. We are now in the third […]

Bitcoin Barely Changed, VC Investments up to $224 Million

Bitcoin’s daily range narrowed for a second day, from yesterday’s $24 dollars to only $18 dollars today. Prices danced around the $350 figure, first rallying to a daily high of $363.50 then falling back lower to $345.32. One coin is currently selling for $355 on BTC-E. Prices have been trading at a $5 to $8 […]

Bitcoin’s Daily Range Narrows, Price Hovering Above $350

After an extremely volatile couple days, bitcoin slowed down a bit. Today’s daily range was only $24 dollars, a far cry from yesterday’s $38. After opening the day at $362 and a short-lived rally to $370, BTC fell and prices spend most of the day hovering above the $350 mark on BTC-E. On BitStamp, bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Falls $30 After 33% Rally

Bitcoin had another green day. After opening at $344.15 prices rallied to daily high of $381.75, marking a 33 percent rally from the $285 low reached on October 5th. From here BTC/USD fell by 30 dollars to retest the $350 previous resistance now turned support. Given the volatility of the last few days, a $30 […]

Bitcoin Rallies $26, Climbs Back Above $350

Bitcoin is up $26 dollars today. After opening the day at $324, prices had a slow and steady climb back to the $350 area. In our article yesterday, we mentioned that a move to the upside was the more likely scenario. After breaking the weak resistance at $340 prices are currently testing the $350-$360 resistance […]

Bitcoin Mostly Unchanged, BlockChain.Info Raises $30 Million

Bitcoin ended the day mostly unchanged although volatility is still high. After opening at $329 on BTC-E, prices rallied to $337.49, then fell to a daily low of $313.10. From here BTC/USD rallied again, this time to a lower high of $328. We are currently quoted at $331 per coin on BTC-E. Prices are slightly […]

Bitcoin Rallies $25 as Sell Wall Falls

Bitcoin rallied 25 dollars today. About 30 minutes after our yesterday article was posted, the 30,000 bitcoins wall fell. A portion of the wall got ”eaten” and the owner removed the rest to avoid further execution of the order. With the threat of selling 30,000 bitcoins of the table, prices rallied almost $20 in the […]

Bitcoin Down $11, BTC-E Outage and BitStamp Crash

Bitcoin closed the day down by 11 dollars after an extremely volatile trading session that saw a crash in prices on BitStamp. After opening the day at $315.81 (BTC-E) bitcoin rallied to a high of $335. Here prices got quickly repelled by the $330 former support now turned resistance and by mid-day the cryptocurrency was […]

Bitcoin Breaks $330, New Lows Hit

Another extremely volatile day for bitcoin. The crypto opened the day at $343, after a short-lived  rally to retest the $350 resistance prices crashed lower and BTC barreled through the important support at $330. In the next 8 hours, BTC/USD fell over 20 dollars to hit a daily low of $308.60. We are currently quoted […]

Bitcoin at Crucial Support Area after $24 Loss

Bitcoin lost 24 dollars in today’s trading session. On BTC-E, we opened at $367.38. From here, BTC/USD flat lined for most of the day until the US trading session lead to a quick fall below the weak support at $361. By the end of  the day, BTC broke not only $361 but also the support […]

Bitcoin in Another Losing Session

Another down day for bitcoin. Prices opened at $373 on BTC-E. After a short-lived rally to $378, BTC/USD slowly drifted lower to a daily low of $363.81. We are currently trading at $366. In the past few days, volatility has decreased somewhat and we can now identify potential support/resistance levels. On the top end, the […]

Bitcoin Erases Gains, Reddit May Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is back to printing red after the short reprieve yesterday. Today prices slowly fell to erase almost all the gains from the day before. Bitcoin is now trading at $374 on BTC-E and at $383 on BitStamp. It’s unclear where the crypto will go from here. The two points to watch are yesterday’s high […]

Bitcoin Rallies as Circle Opens Doors

Bitcoin has finally managed to snap out of its multiday losing streak. Today prices rallied 10 dollars to close at $382. This exact scenario played out 10 days ago in BTC/USD (a six day losing streak followed by a $10 rally). The rally was slow and steady and prices traded as high as $388.95 today. […]

Bitcoin on a Six Day Losing Streak

Bitcoin is now on a six day losing streak. The highly volatile trading session started with prices at $374. From here, BTC/USD fell to a new multi-day low of $361 only to rally 24 dollars to a high of $385 just six hours later. For a while it looked like the cryptocurrency may end its […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 29th September 2014

Volatility has returned to bitcoin (BTC) trading as new extremes, in both directions, have been tested over the past 72h. Hours ago, BTC hit a new 18-day low of $460 on BTC-e. Late last week, it spiked up to $494 and then retreated. While the volatility isn’t impressive by historical standards- the total price range […]

Bitcoin Retests $370, OKCoin USD Volume Spikes

Another day of losses for everyone’s favorite virtual currency. After opening the day at $388.91, BTC/USD had a small rally to $394.65. From here bitcoin hovered around the $388 mark before finally succumbing to the selling pressure. Towards the end of the day, BTC hit a low of $370.30, bouncing clean off the $371 support […]

Bitcoin Heading Toward Fourth Day of Losses

Bitcoin is heading toward its fourth day of losses. After opening at $395, prices slowly drifted to hit a daily low of $388.55. Currently BTC/USD is quoted at $390 on BTC-E. Prices are trading just above the $400 round figure on BitStamp. A move lower is likely. The first significant support below $388 stands at […]

Bitcoin Hangover Continues, CFTC to Hold Public Hearing

The hangover from the PayPal induced high continues for a third day. Today BTC/USD opened at $400 flat on BTC-E. After a short-lived rally to $412, BTC resumed the downtrend, hitting a daily low of $388.69 around mid-day. Prices have since recovered somewhat and currently one coin is selling for $395.50 on BTC-E. Bitcoin is […]

Bitcoin Retraces, OKCoin Unveils New Fee Model

Bitcoin is continuing to retrace from the post-PayPal highs reached two days ago. Today prices traded as low as $396.22 on BTC-E. We are currently quoted just shy of the $400 round figure at $401.70. Prices are slightly higher on rival exchange BitStamp at $412 for one coin. The near complete reversal in the aftermath […]

Bitcoin Jumps on PayPal Payments Hub Integration

Bitcoin gained over 50 dollars yesterday as news of PayPal Payments Hub integration hit the market. Prices were trading just shy of $390 before the rally, two hours later and BTC/USD had hit a multiday high of $446 on BTC-E. Since then BTC retraced somewhat and is currently quoted at $422 on BTC-E compared to […]