Today is Fri, October 20, 2017 18:25:10 GMT
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Bitcoin Mostly Unchanged, Square to Integrate BTC Payments

Bitcoin is trading mostly unchanged today. In the past 24 hours, the total daily range of BTC/USD was a measly 12 dollars, a far cry from the $50 range days during the fall last week. The crypto seems to slowly easing into a new congestion area between $370 and $415. One coin is currently selling […]

Bitcoin Slightly Down, OpenBazaar Releases Beta

Bitcoin is trading slightly down today. Prices got as low as $375 on BTC-E yesterday, almost matching the September 19th swing low at $471. From here BTC/USD moved up to again retest the round $400 figure. After the failed test, bitcoin fell back to $388. The downward momentum has somewhat paused, as can be seen […]

Bitcoin Stabilizes Around $400

Bitcoin is stabilizing around the round $400 figure. In the past 24 hours, BTC/USD had a total range of around 24 dollars, much smaller then the 50 points losses experienced in the days prior. The high was reached yesterday around mid day at $413.99 and the low was hit near the end of the trading […]

Bitcoin Rebounds From Lows, Huobi Launches International Website

Everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency looks set to close in the green after six days of losses. Price reached a daily low of $371 yesterday and since then bitcoin has staged somewhat of a rebound. We are currently trading back above the $400 figure. The rally took BTC/USD to a daily high of $411.45 today, a move […]

Bitcoin Down 14%, Three Theories That May Explain Why

Since our last update yesterday, the losses for everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency have accelerated. Bitcoin broke the previous day’s low at $434 .17 and from here it was down all the way. Towards the end of yesterday’s trading session, prices stalled around the round $400 figure but two hours later BTC/USD broke lower. All in all, […]

Bitcoin Falls Over $20 as Selloff Continues

After breaking the $460 support yesterday, bitcoin continued the leg down. Today prices fell over 20 dollars, from $456 per coin to a daily low of $434. Our article yesterday called for more losses after the important $460 figure gave way. After reaching a daily low of $434 BTC/USD reversed course and rallied almost $15 […]

Bitcoin Breaks Lower, More Losses Likely

Bitcoin took out the $460 support yesterday. Initially prices only fell slightly to a daily low of $456 before rebounding to retest $460. But today BTC/USD continued the move lower to hit a new multi-day low of $452.85. One coin is currently selling for $456.88 on BTC-E. Prices are 7 dollars higher on Stamp at […]

Bitcoin Retests $460, United Way Now Accepts BTC

Bitcoin is retesting the lower end of the $460-$485 range. Prices got as low as $460.90 in the early part of today’s trading session. But the move lower was soon countered by yet another rally that brought up BTC back over $467 per coin. Bitcoin is currently quoted at $463.10 on BTC-E. As usual prices […]

Bitcoin Swap Passes Regulatory Scrutiny

Bitcoin is still stuck inside the congestion area between $460 and $485. This is now the 10th day of range-bound trading. In the past 24 hours, BTC/USD fell to a daily low of $464.94 only to bounce right back above the $470 mark two hours later. One coin is currently selling for $470 on BTC-E, […]

Bitcoin Slightly Up, New Trading Range Defined

Bitcoin prices are trading slightly up today. After reaching a low of $465.99 in the early trading session, BTC/USD rallied to hit a daily high of $474.20. The move up stopped there however and in the next 10 hours prices have remained more or less unchanged. One bitcoin is currently selling  for $472 on BTC-E, […]

Bitcoin Barely Changed, Russia to Ban Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is trading barely changed in the past 24 hours. The highest high stands at $472.99 and the lowest low was reached at $464.92. With the total range of the day maxing out at 8 dollars, BTC/USD is slowly easing its way into another range. Like we’ve mentioned previously, the high and low of the […]

Bitcoin’s Technology Could Revolutionize Finance, Says BOE

It has been another uninteresting day for bitcoin. The crypto spent most of yesterday and the early part of today’s trading session drifting around aimlessly around $470. Prices seem to be settling into another range, as can be seen from the chart below that displays the last five days of trading. The top and bottom […]

Bitcoin Flat After Volatile 48 Hours

Bitcoin prices are trading barely changed after a surge in volatility during the last 48 hours. In the early trading session yesterday, BTC/USD spiked to a low of $459.70 on BTC-E. Then few hours later, bitcoin rallied to hit a daily high of $483.001. Today’s session saw BTC being sold off and one coin is […]

Bitcoin: Braintree Will Support Processing With ApplePay

It’s another roller-coaster session for everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. Bitcoin fell to a daily low of $461 only to rebound to a daily high of $472 few hours later. After another spike lower to $459.70, BTC/USD is currently quoted at $467. The move below $460 was on depleted orderbook at BTC-E and was not followed on […]

Bitcoin Down Despite Ebay’s Braintree Acceptance

Bitcoin continued the leg down despite some very positive news yesterday. Prices hit a low of $460.66 before rebounding on announcement that Braintree, a payment platform owned by Ebay, will integrate BTC payments. In a classic ”Buy the rumor sell the fact” price action, BTC/USD first rallied then fell as the Braintree CEO Bill Ready […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 8th September 2014

Volatility has returned to bitcoin (BTC) trading as new extremes, in both directions, have been tested over the past 72h. Hours ago, BTC hit a new 18-day low of $460 on BTC-e. Late last week, it spiked up to $494 and then retreated. While the volatility isn’t impressive by historical standards- the total price range […]

Bitcoin Trades in $9 Range

Bitcoin looks set to close out this weekend almost exactly where it opened on Saturday, at $477 per coin. One BTC is currently going for $478.80 on BTC-E. Prices are slightly higher on BitStamp at $479.50. The total range during the last 24 hours is 9 dollars, the highest high stands at $484.74 with a […]

Bitcoin Flat in Slow Weekend Session

Bitcoin is trading mostly flat in a slow weekend session. The total daily range for BTC/USD was less then 8 points, with a low of $475.51 and a high at $482.99. One coin is currently going for $479.85 on BTC-E. As usual, prices are slightly higher on rival exchange BitStamp at $481 for one bitcoin. […]

Bitcoin Wipes Out Gains, VC Investments Continue

Bitcoin has almost completely wiped out the gains of that spike two days ago. In today’s trading session, BTC/USD hit a low of $576.40. One coin is currently going for $476.76 on BTC-E. Let’s take a look at some of the potential support and resistance levels. On the lower end, a retest of $470 will […]

Bitcoin Backs Down After Move-Up

Prices have backed down after yesterday’s 3 percent spike. After hitting a high of $493.62, BTC/USD fell down to a daily low of $478 today. From here, everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency rallied a bit and is currently quoted at $483 per coin on BTC-E. Prices are slightly higher at $486.93 for one bitcoin on rival exchange […]