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Bitcoin Spikes 3 Percent, Hits $490

After a long drawn out battle between $470 and $480, bitcoin spiked over 3 percent to hit $490 today. On BTC-E’s main exchange, prices fell to a low of $462 before rebounding. However the lowest low on their Metatrader 4 currently stands at $467.90. One coin is selling for $491 on BTC-E, compared to $490.89 […]

Bitcoin at $470, Chinese Exchanges Pass Audits

Bitcoin is trading lower today after yet another failed retest of the $480 figure. In the late part of yesterday’s trading session, BTC/USD climbed to a high of $481.73. But soon after the highs were reached, BTC fell back to $470 per coin. On BitStamp prices are slightly higher at $473 for one bitcoin. Here’s […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 3rd September 2014

Bitcoin (BTC) is hanging in there but one gets the feeling that the recovery has lost steam and that it is sitting in a vulnerable position. It is currently trading at $471 on BTC-e. It dipped to $465 twice within the past 24h, during which it has not gotten its head above $480. A slight […]

Bitcoin Hits $465, Huobi’s Offer Sells Out in 1 Hour

After a retest of the $480 figure yesterday, BTC/USD continued the move down and hit a daily low of $465.63. But yet again, prices were bid up from the lows and bitcoin is currently quoted at $480. Bitcoin seems unwilling to let go of the $480 handle. Every dip lower is met with demand by […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 2nd September 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) has slipped again, now trading at $475 on BTC-e, a new 10-day low. With its earlier low of $464, Bitcoin had been trading at a 15% discount to its 200-day moving average, now down to $546. This gap matches that of 2 weeks ago when the price also hung around its support level of $480 before […]

Bitcoin in a Retest of $480 After Break Lower

Bitcoin broke below $480 yesterday. The breakdown lead to quick losses toward $472 and today, the losses continued as bitcoin hit a new multi-day low of $469.47.  From here, the crypto managed to regain some ground and is currently trading at $481 per coin on BTC-E. The retest of $480 in the next few hours […]

Bitcoin Tests $480 Range Low

Bitcoin is testing the lower end of the large range between $480 and $530. We’ve been talking about this congestion area for the past several days. Today, prices got as low as $481.99 on BTC-E before rebounding. Then BTC/USD had a small rally to hit an interim high of $489.91, only to fall back lower. […]

Bitcoin Flat as Merchant Adoption Continues

Bitcoin is still flirting with the important $500 figure. In the last 24 hours, BTC/USD had a range of only 10 dollars. First prices moved up to $506 only to fall back to $496 by mid-day. Buying one bitcoin will currently cost you $499 on BTC-E. As can be seen on the chart below, BTC […]

Bitcoin Bounces off $500 Again, Hal Finney Passes Away

Bitcoin has yet again bounced off the important $500 mark. Earlier in the trading session, prices got as low as $495.60 on BTC-E. This is the lowest point for bitcoin in the past four days. But BTC was quick to climb back above $500 and is currently trading at $504 per coin on BTC-E. Prices […]

Bitcoin Survey Says 51 Percent Have Heard of it

Bitcoin is still well supported by the round $500 handle. Earlier in the day, prices tried to break lower but after a short move to $498.06, BTC/USD climbed back above the round figure. One coin is currently selling for $506 on BTC-E. Bitcoin is still trading inside the large congestion marked by a low at […]

Bitcoin to Continue Downtrend Says Citi

Nothing new on the price front for everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency. Bitcoin rallied to a high of $517.85 today but toward the close BTC/USD fell back down to the $510 figure. We are still trading well inside the $50 range mentioned in our daily roundup yesterday. Until we break either of these extremes, prices will likely […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis –26th August 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is continuing to make small, stable steps back in the direction of its “stability zone” above $550. It may not be the rocket to the moon as much as the locomotive up the mountain, but such climbs bear the support of solid ground in their wake and usually remain the most stable and enduring. […]

Bitcoin Forms Range, Pantera Capital Invests in Korean BTC Exchange

Bitcoin has formed a range around the $500 round figure. In the past six days, prices moved inside this 10 percent wide corridor. The highest high on BTC-E stands at $528.92, the lowest low is at $483.03. Today BTC rallied 9 points and is currently quoted at $510 per coin. A break of the high […]

Bitcoin Stable, MtGox Ex-CEO Launches Web Hosting

Bitcoin is trading stable, hovering around the $500 mark. In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency swinged 10 points below this level to $490 and 10 points above to hit a daily high of $510. Bitcoin is currently trading at $499.30 on BTC-E. Prices are slightly higher on BitStamp at $503.79 per coin. Here’s how […]

Bitcoin Back at $500 After Dip Below

Bitcoin dipped below the $500 figure yesterday. On BTC-E, prices fell from $498 to $483 in three hours. In the next six hours however, the losses were completely reversed and BTC is now trading back at the $500 level. A college in the Netherlands is following in the footsteps of MIT. Some 500 computer science […]

Bitcoin Stuck at $500, Some BitStamp Users Report Problems

Bitcoin is still stuck around the $500 figure. On BTC-E, today’s range is a total of 19 points, the daily high stands at $513.99 and the daily low is at $495 flat. We are currently trading just shy of this low at $496 per coin. As usual, prices are slightly higher on BitStamp at $500.70, […]

Bitcoin Flirts with $500, NYDFS Extends Comment Period

Bitcoin is flirting with the round $500 figure. After reaching a high of $528.92 on BTC-E yesterday, the cryptocurrency is trading weaker, down 11 points in today’s session. One bitcoin can be bought for $499.70 on BTC-E and for $503 on BitStamp. The New York Department of Financial Services has decided to extend the comment […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis –21st August 2014

In short, it’s a tough call. There are factors pointing in both directions. BTC/USD is coming off a rise of 10% within 24h and a 67% recovery from its flash crash to $309 on BTC-e. The question is if the rally is slowing down and Bitcoin settling for the mid-term, effectively doing enough justice to mirror the pace and […]

Bitcoin Climbs Above $500, US Judge Says BTC is ”Clearly Money”

Bitcoin has managed to climb above the $500 support level mentioned in our previous daily roundup. Prices should now remain supported by the this figure, at least in the near term. Yesterday BTC rallied 27 dollars, from $474 to $500. During today’s morning session bitcoin continued the rally upward, hitting a daily high of $528. […]

Bitcoin Stable After Volatile Day, ATO Releases Tax Ruling

Bitcoin is trading more stable today after a volatile Monday that saw prices flash crash over 130 dollars on BTC-E. Bitcoin traded as high as $487 yesterday, fueled by the rebound started after the crash. With the recent clearing of orders on both BTC-E and Bitfinex, the market should remain somewhat supported in the near […]