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Scottish Pride Pounds Sterling

The U.S. dollar remains king. It has risen against a broad basket of currencies for nine consecutive weeks and so far has completed its longest winning streak in 17 years. Will the Federal Reserve end its winning ratio or is it to be a temporary blip before pushing on to greater heights? Many expect the […]

Dollar and Sterling Get Direction

Strap in and be prepared for opportunities, as this is a big week for investors and capital markets. Geopolitical events, a few central bank meetings, and the Scottish referendum are supporting the recent uptick to both volume and volatility, especially in the forex asset class. The U.S. dollar remains king, as both the currency and […]

Top Trade Idea For September 15th, 2014 – EUR/USD

Last week, we recommended a USD/CHF long towards 0.9350 on a fourth wave pullback. While our target was reached, price didn’t pull back enough to trigger the entry. This time, we’ve waited for a euro fourth wave pullback to end and have designed a short trade around it. This one-hour chart includes a simple Elliott […]

Week in FX Europe – Sterling Bulls and Russian Bears Remain Active

Scottish “No” picks up momentum Sterling tries to fill in plummeting gap Russian Bear is not endangered Sterling is closing out the week holding on to its late Thursday’s gains (£1.6250) after another poll on Friday morning revealed a stronger “No” count for Scottish independence. The September 11 Survation online poll for the Daily Record […]

It’s Sink or Swim for Sterling

This morning, European equities are on the back foot, taking their lead from the slide in Asia and North America in the overnight sessions. European bourses are on the verge of forgoing all recent gains earned after the European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi’s surprise rate cut last week. Not helping investors’ risk appetite […]

British Pound Sinks as Scottish Independence Poll Fuels Capital Flight

Talking Points: British Pound Sinks as Scottish Independence Poll Sets Off Capital Flight Swiss Franc May Decline if August Inflation Data Falls Short of Forecasts See Economic Releases Directly on Your Charts with the DailyFX News App The British Pound tumbled against all of its major counterparts to start the trading week, losing as much […]

Consider Buying USD/CHF. Here’s Why…

USD/CHF has pretty solid price and time support as noted below.  Given that USD/CHF is leading the charge higher in terms of dollar based pairs, longs make sense. Consider buying (scaling in) into the support zone highlighted below with stops at .9210 and an upside target zone towards .9400 About Dave Floyd, Founder – Head of Research & […]

Top Trade Idea For September 8th, 2014 – USD/CHF

Four weeks ago, we recommended a USD/CHF long trade (entry 0.9030) which worked as planned In lieu of the ongoing US dollar rally and last week’s ECB rate cut, we’re going back to the well for another USD/CHF long. This three-hour chart includes a simple Elliott Wave count from the late August low of […]

Week in FX Europe – ECB’s Super Mario Cuts and Introduces ABS

The European Central Bank (ECB) came, delivered, and made a difference this week. Investors and dealers were positioned for further disappointment from eurozone policymakers, but what “Super Mario” (read: ECB chief Mario Draghi) did has had a far greater impact on the market. The ECB made a bold move to avert eurozone deflation and growth […]

Dollar’s Strong Rally Finds EURUSD, S&P 500 Unresponsive

Talking Points: Dollar’s Strong Rally Finds EURUSD, S&P 500 Unresponsive Euro Firms Outside of EURUSD, Surge in Investor Appetite British Pound Collapses Despite Data Dollar’s Strong Rally Finds EURUSD, S&P 500 Unresponsive The return of North American liquidity seemed to bring with it a strong demand for the dollar. The Dow Jones FXCM Dollar Index […]

Australian Dollar Confronts an RBA Decision with Heavy Speculation

Talking Points: Dollar Traders Look Ahead to a Rebound in Liquidity and Pick Up in Data Euro Economic Health Fades Further, Investors More Expectant of ECB Australian Dollar Confronts an RBA Decision with Heavy Speculation Dollar Traders Look Ahead to a Rebound in Liquidity and Pick Up in Data As far as holiday trading conditions […]

Week in FX Europe – ECB not influenced by flash CPI

Geopolitical tension on the rise Euro flash CPI has not changed ECB consensus Italian job numbers break trend Month-end portfolio demand, geopolitical and event risk are all taking a stab at making an impact on forex prices. So far, and not unfamiliar, investors continue to wade through the same contrived trading ranges, but this time […]

Top Trade Idea For August 27th,2014 – EUR/CHF

Since the Swiss National Bank (SNB) imposed its peg in EUR/CHF, this cross has only traded below 1.20 a handful of times, and each time it has bounced off this important level of support. In the three years that the peg has been in place, the market hasn’t tested the SNB’s resolve with any gusto. […]

USDOLLAR in at 6-Month High after Jackson Hole; USD/CHF Hits Target

Talking Points: USDOLLAR Index at highest level since 2/7/2014. USDCHF opens week in 0.9160/89 target zone. US Dollar strength in August shouldn’t surprise – it’s a seasonally strong month. The Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium has yielded bullish results for the US Dollar, which isn’t necessarily a surprise given the recent strength of the US […]

Trade Idea For August 25th,2014 – USD/NOK

Over the past few weeks, USD/NOK (Norwegian Krone) has fallen almost 3% from almost 6.31 to 6.13. The subsequent pullback from 6.13 has also been weak only reaching 6.20. As we feel it should reach 6.22-6.24, we’ll discuss a way to place a trade allowing for the fact that we’re unsure which form the correction […]

Week In FX Europe – Russia Has Euro Stocks Offside

Europe closes on “wrong side of right” EUR’s weakening stride intact German 10-year Bund trade at +0.97% Ms. Yellen has come and gone and her labor and rate thoughts will be deciphered in greater detail after the weekend. The European session is closing on the “wrong side of right” as fresh signs of escalation to […]

EUR/USD Slide Continues but EUR Weakness Elsewhere Questionable

Talking Points: EURUSD cracks to fresh yearly lows at 1.3241. USDCHF has resumed its move towards 0.9160/89. US Dollar strength in August shouldn’t surprise – it’s a seasonally strong month. EURUSD and USDCHF are back in tandem, and while that mean a bit more EURUSD weakness as USDCHF tries for $0.9160, that doesn’t mean that […]

Governor Carney’s Chameleon Efforts Lift GBP

Risk-on and -off trading remains the order of the day at least until the investor is convinced that the geopolitical landscape has changed for the better. If one eliminates geopolitical aggressive pricing actions from the equation then investors are left dealing with tenuous global growth to price. In a week stacked with central bank meetings […]

Week in FX Europe – the Euro Needs a Catalyst

Lower for longer rates policy remains intact Global bourses eke out a weekly win Periphery debt outperforms Bunds Weak global data has the market again pricing the lower-for-longer mantra mostly in play by the main central banks. Investors this week were exposed to a multitude of weaker economic reports from Japan to Europe and even […]

GBPCHF hits major support level in bearish move

The GBPCHF pair has been moving towards the downside over the past two weeks following the breakout of a strong ascending channel formation. This has continued apace today following the sell-off inspired by events at the BoE. The rejection of the upper threshold of the current descending wedge also coincided with the 50% retracement. This […]

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