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Brexit Relief Rally Continues Despite Tough Talk

Five things the markets are talking about The Brexit “bad” seems to be temporarily put on hold as market participants question whether a new financial crisis is about to take a firm global grip. Former Fed chair Ben Bernanke seems to think that is quite “unlikely at this point,” but believes that the biggest current […]

APAC Currency Corner- A Brexit Break

Markets continue to stabilise post-Brexit with global equities and commodities tentatively holding onto gains. A welcome distraction from the Brexit fallout were headlines that Japanese policymakers are preparing to unleash a massive stimulus package in the region of ¥20 trillion (more than $200 billion). The fiscal stimulus rumours saw risk appetite back on cue after suffering two consecutive […]

Brexit Buries Sterling to New Low

Five things the markets are talking about The U.K vote to leave the EU will obviously dominate the summits of European heads of government and global central bankers this week. Beginning today, central bankers gather for at a three-day meet in Portugal. What many may have considered a boring topic “The Future of the International […]

APAC Currency Corner – Another financial meltdown on the cards?

Post-Brexit vote, the debate has centred on whether it will be the catalyst for another Lehman Brothers-style meltdown. While there’s a lot of dust still to settle, central bankers are ready and willing to use whatever tools necessary to calm investor’s nerves and avoid a global meltdown. While markets were extremely volatile on Friday, trading was […]

UK Voters Take Country Back- Now what?

It’s not official, but statistically called by all major pundits, U.K has voted to change the course of their own country and leave the European Union (52% Leave, 48% Remain). Their decision has sent the pound into free-fall (£1.3400), back to its 1985 levels outright and is battering global equity markets (Asia is down-3%). Investors […]

APAC Currency Corner – It’s a crap shoot

The votes are in and the counting is well and truly under way in the UK’s referendum on EU membership. Early results are reflecting blue-collar (leave) sentiment while white collar voters are due later. Markets are like a coiled spring waiting eagerly for the first sniff of an outcome. The market’s overall lean continues to price […]

In or Out, D-Day for Sterling

Five things the markets are talking about The long wait is over. Voting stations are open and U.K citizens go to the polls to decide whether they want to be apart of the E.U or go it alone. In the meantime, investors should expect rumors and whispers to have capital markets on the edge right […]

Top trade idea for June 23rd, 2016 – EURJPY

In light of the EU referendum that is taking place today in the UK and considering the volatility that is about to come, the logic is to trade a cross as to avoid any US dollar pair as the dollar is perceived as a safe heaven in situations when uncertainty reigns over markets. That being […]

Top trade idea for June 22nd, 2016 – USD/JPY

In 15 hours or so, the voting will begin and soon we will find out whether the UK public has chosen to remain or exit the EU. As you would expect, politicians are making their final pitch for votes on the last day of campaigning as they try to win support of those still undecided. […]

APAC Currency Corner – The clock is ticking

We are less than 48 hours away from Judgement Day, and the forex markets are gravitating to some semblance of risk event midpoint. Other than kicking the can from poll to poll, there is little on offer for traders to sink their teeth into. Even Fed chairman Janet Yellen’s first day of the semi-annual Humphrey-Hawkins […]

The Day After The U.K. Votes To Leave

Here’s what the world could look like on June 24 if the “Leave” camp won the previous day’s referendum on whether the U.K. should continue to be part of the European Union: The foreign exchange markets are in turmoil, with the pound falling 7 percent to 10 percent and the euro down about 3 percent […]

Aggressive Risk Rally After U.K Polls

Five things the markets are talking about. With Britain going to the polls Thursday (June 23) to vote on its European Union membership is just one of several significant events this week that could have a massive impact on the ECB. Elsewhere, in Spain a national election could raise further questions about the future of […]

Japan’s Aso Seek’s G7 Help With Yen Value

Japan’s finance chief escalated his concern about a surge in the yen, calling for coordination with his counterparts to address what he described as disorderly moves in the currency market. “We have to monitor the currency market with a sense of urgency so that speculative moves won’t continue — when needed, I’d like to take […]

APAC Currency Corner – A week of reckoning

The June 23rd UK referendum on EU membership is expected to dominate the headlines this week as markets and trading desks prepare for the day of reckoning. Expect polls to continue driving markets as volatility increases ahead of the judgement day. Volatility may remain, but the more likely scenario is that traders will start to […]

Brexit Negativity Takes A Time Out

Five things the markets are talking about Two themes have dominated proceedings in capital markets this week, first the flight to safety hitting global markets has been particularly acute in Europe, as polls suggesting growing levels of support for Brexit, ahead of the U.K’s June 23 referendum on its European Union membership. Second, central banks […]

Market Anxiety Rises as Brexit Referendum Enters Final Stretch

The UK referendum on its membership of the European Union is one of, if not the, biggest risk event for the financial markets this year and with only a week to go until the vote, it is impossible to say with any degree of confidence which way it’s going to. The polls have been very […]

Feds Street Cred Questioned

Five things the markets are talking about Yesterday was not a good day for the Fed’s credibility. U.S policy members did what was expected of them, and not hike rates, but their interpretation of “clarity” going forward is considered disappointing. In her press conference, Ms. Yellen highlighted that ‘Brexit’ was a factor in the Fed’s […]

Top trade idea for June 16th, 2016 – USDJPY

Despite the fact that last week’s scenario proved wrong, I would like to insist on the fact that this usdjpy is at support and normally we should see a bounce from current levels. What’s interesting is the fact that the move to the upside should be a corrective one, most likely wave b of a […]

Fed Skips June, Six See One Rate Hike In 2016

Fewer Federal Reserve officials expect the central bank to raise interest rates more than once this year, as policy makers gave a mixed picture of a U.S. economy where growth is picking up and job gains are slowing. While the median forecast of 17 policy makers remained at two quarter-point hikes this year, the number […]

APAC CURRENCY CORNER – Brexit “The Game of Craps”

With Brexit fears driving global market uncertainty, risk sentiment continues to sour. This has resulted in weaker asset markets with the G10 reacting as expected.  There’s certainly no dearth of opinion polls showing a lean towards a Brexit, and the outcome is on a razor’s edge. Overnight, European equity markets moved significantly lower with the FTSE100 […]

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