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USD/JPY floats in the Ichimoko Cloud

After a breathtaking rally over the last three and a half weeks, USD/JPY could finally pause for a well-earned rest. Donald Trump’s victory already seems like a long time ago. The most notable beneficiary in the G10 space has off course been USD/JPY. With the reflation trade yield jump in bonds pushing out the USD […]

Trumps Dollar Surge to Die in December?

Five things the markets are talking about In November, Trump’s surprise U.S presidential win was a boon for the mighty dollar via the markets “reflation” trade hopes. Can the ‘big’ dollar gains be added to this month or has the market overshot the mark in their enthusiasm? The death of a deal is always in […]

OPEC to Save Face with a Disappointing Deal

Five things the markets are talking about No more jawboning – is there a deal? Will they or won’t they announce a production cut? It’s all that dealers and investors want to hear from OPEC in Vienna this morning. Should a barrel of crude be trading above +$50 or below +$40? Whatever the outcome, the […]

OPEC Cacophony

Overnight saw another high volume, volatile session for forex, driven on the back of strong US economic data. However, it was impossible for currency traders to sidestep OPEC musings given a 4% drop in WTI, after the cacophony from headlines all pointing to the division between the Saudi agenda and the reality of Iran and […]

Week Ahead OPEC and US Jobs to Influence Markets

December rate hike boosted by encouraging Fed minutes Market action was interrupted by various holidays around the world but overall the U.S. dollar continued to rebuild the momentum it had after the elections. The minutes from the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting in November sent a strong signal about a December rate hike. The CME’s FedWatch […]

Asia FX: The Emerging’s are Submerging

With Thanksgiving and America’s annual turkey cull today, G10 trading was subdued. However with the relentless March of US Yields emerging Asia FX remains under severe pressure even as money continues to flood into  select equity markets and industrial commodities. These are strange times indeed. Instead of gently rolling into what will be for many, […]

U.S Dollar Hits Fresh Highs on Thanksgiving Holiday

Five things the markets are talking about The dollar is extending its gains following yesterday’s strong U.S durable goods and consumer confidence data, along with Fed minutes that all but cemented a Fed rate hike next month. Europe’s single unit has fallen to its lowest level since March 2015 (€1.0518) on fears ahead of the […]

Asia Quiet on a Tokyo Holiday

Trading across all asset classes has been subdued in Asia today with a holiday in Tokyo and ahead of Thanksgiving in the United States. The market continues to catch its breath after an exciting two weeks with only AUD/USD showing signs of life in Asia trading today. AUD was buoyed by more frenzied buying of […]

Bond Rout Takes a Breather, FOMC Minutes Next

Five things the markets are talking about Death, taxes, and a Fed rate hike in December are life’s only certainties according to the bond market which now has the odds of an increase on Dec 14 at +100%. Markets will be watching todays FOMC minutes at (2:00pm EST) for that vindication, while seeking out the […]

Crude Bulls Looking For $55 A Barrel

Five things the markets are talking about Hopes that the Trump administration would usher in a pro-business, pro-growth environment continue to drive stocks and yield higher and favour the dollar on rate differentials. Yesterday, the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite closed out to complete a trifecta of records as equities continued […]

Trump Jump To High?

Five things the markets are talking about Markets have been very positive on the new U.S President elect and have been quick to embrace the “reflation” trade over the past fortnight. Is it too much perhaps? If so, this would suggest that some of the aggressive market moves that we have witnessed across the various […]

US Dollar Marches on in Asia

The US Dollar marches on supreme today again Asia FX and G10 currencies, as both the USD Index (DXY) and US 10 Year yields hit new highs. There seems to be a global competition on as to who can be the ugliest horse in the glue factory against the USD at the moment. The USD […]

Another Day another Dollar

The December Rate hike probability is set near 100%, and the UST 10’s are nearing 2 .38 %. The USD bulls have shown little fear by taking the greenback into the weekend trading at, or near, recent highs. Given the sheer USD buying volumes of late and with the DXY surging, traders are positioning for […]

Trump Adjustments Continue

Five things the markets are talking about The markets “reflationary” trend remains in vogue, with the dollar continuing to make strong gains following last week’s U.S election, on expectations of hefty public spending will raise inflation, boost the U.S economy and cause higher interest rates. Fed Chair Yellen yesterday was at her opaque best, by […]

There’s No Stopping Me Now for the USD

No Stopping Me Now  The focus overnight was on Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony before the Joint Economic Committee, which reaffirmed what everyone has suspected – that barring some major hic-up in the US economic data releases December lift off is a green light. Her comments were perceived USD bullish, but it was the release […]

The Beat Goes On

The 10-year US Treasury sell-off took a respite overnight despite the strong US retail sales data reinforcing December’s elevated rate hike probabilities. The market was quick to notice of comments from usually dovish leaning Fed, Tarullo, who mentioned that rate hikes were ‘more on the table’ than before, while speaking on finance and the economy, […]

Just Can’t Get Enough ,USD’s

The primary sentiment driver for USD is the bond markets as selling continues across Global Capital Markets. The yield on 10-year Treasuries has increased above to 2.20% as pricing for a December FOMC rate hike is now pegged all in at 96%, after Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan sounded extremely confident the Fed would move […]

Trump-economics Boosts Dollar, Bond Rout Deepens

Five things the markets are talking about New U.S President elect Donald Trump continues to have a massive impact on capital markets. Global bond markets have lost more than $1 trillion in value; their worst rout in 18-months, on investors bets that Trumps new administration would boost business investments and spending while firing up inflation. […]

EM Trump Slump or Trump Dump

A monumental week in currency markets as   US Bond yields soared weighing on Emerging Markets sentiment. After an effervescent week in equity markets, they retraced on Friday after the energy sector swooned burdened by the prospect that OPEC will not cap supply. Also, precious metals have plummeted as the safe – haven appeal diminishes amid […]

Fed Hike Back On With Trump Win

Five things the markets are talking about There are many still trying to come to terms with Trump’s shock U.S Presidential win on Tuesday, while others seem willing to sidestep political and economic debate, believing that with unilateral control, Trump stands a good chance of enacting key elements of his economic agenda. It’s these investors […]

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