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BOJ Day –“ Brace Positions Please”

YEN – A Day of Reckoning The much-anticipated BOJ meeting is upon us and, right on cue, another headline has intensified speculation. Overnight, reports from a Reuters source suggested that the “Bank of Japan is considering specific easing steps.” While the comment is vague, it points to either a 20 basis point cut to –0.3%, […]

Fed Sitting On Fence Hurts Dollar

Five things the markets are talking about Despite being more upbeat than last months message, yesterday’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announcement has failed to lift the mighty dollar. The Fed’s statement is considered evenly balanced. They acknowledged the strengthening labor market and deemed the “near-term risks to the economic outlook as diminished,” but on […]

Top trade idea for 28th July – EURJPY

EURJPY resilience to move lower after the Brexit vote calls for a more cautious approach to the overall risk sentiment as Bank of England provided more liquidity and Bank of Japan announced another fiscal stimulus package. That being said, this move to the downside that started from the top left corner of the chart above […]

Central Banks to Dictate Next Market Move

Five things the markets are talking about Investors will need to watch this afternoon’s FOMC statement on monetary policy closely. The central bank is not expected to move interest rates this week, but any hints on the likelihood of a future rate rise could move markets. With no press conference scheduled and no new economic […]

YEN and Nikkei, Slip Sliding Away

The USDJPY, Yen crosses, and the NIKKEI under relentless pressure today as position squaring and possible disappointments take their toll. The hype over Japan stimuli seems to be fading fast into Friday’s BoJ meeting. Various officials have been out on the wires this morning and overnight and the general tone seems to be one of […]

Yen Rise Supported By Guesstimates

Five things the markets are talking about. Market volatility is picking up ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and Bank of Japan (BoJ) decisions later this week. In overnight trading, Australasia markets were especially unsettled with more headlines pertaining to the fiscal/monetary stimulus mix from the BoJ. In Europe, that apprehension is not […]

Central Bankers Take Center Stage

Both the FOMC and Bank of Japan will share the centre stage this week but let us not forget the Austalia Q2 CPI, which will be vying for some of the spotlights. Federal Reserve -Conundrum  The Federal Reserve Board( Feds) capably stage- managed a masterful decline in real US rates in Q2  propelling risk sentiment skyrocketing […]

USDJPY and JPY Crosses. Storm Clouds Gathering

A quiet end of the week in Asia but storm clouds appear to be gathering from a technical perspective on JPY Crosses. Asia definitely has a “Friday” feeling about it today. G-20’s this weekend, BOJ and FOMC next week. Plus, most importantly for this Kiwi, the start of the Super 18 Rugby play-offs tonight, have […]

Lots of Noise But Lacking in Direction

JPY- Kuroda Corrodes Just when the JPY bears were showing some swagger, Bank ofJapan Kuroda squashed markets hopes for “helicopter money”, well at least he did in mid-June when a BBC 4 interview took place. The USdJPY was sitting comfortable perched above 107 before plummeting to 105.50 on the old comments. While the move may […]

Will the ECB show a different hand?

Five things the markets are talking about Nope, not really and that’s the majorities viewpoint. Businesses as usual as Euro policy makers are waiting for more data. However, many believe Euro officials may signal such a move is on the cards at the bank’s September 8th meeting. Expect Draghi to be questioned about Brexit and […]

USD/CNH Provides Excitement, Stocks Higher Again

A  quiet day in Asia for G10 with only USD/CNH providing some excitement. Stocks continue their march higher ahead of central banks and expected China easing.  Asia G10 FX A generally range bound day for currencies in Asia with AUD, EURO and USDJPY trading around their mid-range points of 0.7500, 1.1000 and 106.00 respectively. NZD […]

The Central Bank Waiting Game

The Central Bank waiting game is taking hold of the G-10 complex as Investors nervously contemplate their pending decisions while mindfully scanning the geopolitical landscape. Australian Dollar-Losing Yield Appeal  Fissures are appearing in the yield carry backstop that supported the Australian Dollar post-Brexit. The Australian Dollar Yield appeal tarnished after the RBA left the door […]

Central Banks to Dominate Proceedings

Tuesday July 19: Five things the markets are talking about Potential monetary policy decisions are currently dictating market moves, whether its bond yields, currency values or equity prices. The European Central Bank (ECB) meets this Thursday and is expected to leave its policy unchanged. That goes for the Fed too, they meet on July 27. […]

Post-Brexit Highs, Lows, Quandaries and Geopolitics

Post-Brexit Highs and Quandaries A post-Brexit range is coming into a semblance of order .   The market is seeking to determine a new symmetrical level for both the Pound and Japanese Yen. While the next JPY trend is destined to be created on the back Tokyo’s fiscal and monetary stimulus, the pound is still in a […]

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected On the tails of the UK referendum vote perhaps it’s best to expect the unexpected from Central Banks. Overnight, the anticipated interest rate cut from the BOE failed to materialize, sending the Pound rocketing higher and making the Capital Market landscape that much more difficult to navigate. While shading the MPC statement […]

Stocks Hit Eight-Month Highs Ahead Of BoE

World shares hit an eight-month high on Thursday as the Bank of England prepared to deliver its Brexit defense plan, a move investors believe could set off another round of global central bank- and government-led stimulus. Talk of more action from Japan had lifted sentiment ahead of a BoE policy statement, and European markets opened […]

Unprecedented Policy Easing

The Spot Forex market volumes flashed back to life over the past 24 hours with the focus on USDJPY. Japan’s stimulus package and a massive wave of positive risk sentiment have spurred Wall Street to record highs. Along with the stimuli, diminishing political uncertainty in UK, Japan and Australia has added supportive foundation to this […]

Pound Jumps On May

Risk on sentiment continues to thrive across the various asset classes. For a second consecutive session, political clarity and stronger fundamentals are temporarily providing the market with support. There has been no letup from the euphoria of a very strong June non-farm payroll print from last week, while political risks in the U.K, Japan, and […]

APAC Currency Corner -Goldilocks and the 3 Central Banks

Non-Farm Payroll- Just What the Doctor Ordered A market-friendly NFP is just what the Dr (Yellen) ordered, and the economy delivered. While the US equity market response is encouraging, it is important not to factor too much into one single monthly report. Certainly, more data is needed to confirm that the dismal May jobs report […]

Eyes Front, Head Down, Its NFP

Five things the markets are talking about Investors continue to look for signs that the U.S. economy remains on solid ground, and today’s ‘granddaddy’ of all fundamental releases, non-farm payrolls (NFP), will provide a fresh glimpse of the health of the U.S economy. Last month’s employment print showed that the U.S added only +38k jobs […]

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