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Midyear FX Outlook: The Mighty Buck’s Return Is Nigh

The question on every investor’s lips is, “when will the Fed raise interest rates?” Global currency markets continue to flounder in an environment of low volatility and volume despite being punctuated by periods of geopolitically induced risk events. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict remains a significant concern that was heightened by a Malaysian jetliner being was […]

EURJPY and GBPJPY both faces major support following selloff

The GBPJPY and EURJPY pair tend to have somewhat mixed fortunes with their correlation over the years. However, there are certain times when you can see a convergence of notable support levels across the two. With both these major levels coming into play, I think we could see a reaction in both pairs very soon. […]

Top Trade Idea For July 23rd, 2014 – USD/JPY

Out of all the major currency pairs, the USDJPY has undoubtedly been one of the dullest thus far this year. The pair has been trapped within a tight range from roughly 101.00 to 104.00 since mid-January, driving the average weekly range (ATR) to levels not seen since before the introduction of Abenomics in Q3 2012. […]

EUR Bears Need to Feed Their Appetite

At the best of times, investors have difficulties handling risk and the current trading environment is no different. It seems that the idea of trading risk is not easily transferable among the asset classes. The slight rise in risk appetite in equities is failing to make its way directly into the foreign exchange market. U.S. […]

US Dollar May Rise on Fed Bets as June Inflation Data Tops Forecasts

Talking Points: US Dollar Likely to Rise if June’s Inflation Data Outshines Expectations Aussie Dollar Higher, Yen Declines as Risk Appetite Firms in Asian Trade See Economic Data Releases on Your Charts with the DailyFX News App A quiet economic calendar in European trading hours is likely to see investors looking ahead to the release […]

Event Risk Trumps Forex Fundamentals

The euro gained on the U.S. dollar and the yen held steady in a thinned-holiday Asian trading session overnight. But as tensions rise between Russia and the West, and the violence in the Gaza Strip becomes increasingly bloody, geopolitical events remain the focal point for investors and all asset classes. The corporate earnings season is […]

EUR/USD Breakdown, GBP/CAD, USD/CAD Breakouts Eyed this Week

Talking Points: EURUSD below July 2012-July 2013 TL, needs below 1.3475. GBPCAD and USDCAD still both point to breakouts higher. Reminder that July forex seasonals in QE era work against USD. It’s admittedly another quiet start to the trading week, with fewer than ten economic data releases (including central banker speeches) on the calendar for […]

Yen May Continue Higher as Geopolitical Jitters Fuel Risk Aversion

Talking Points: Yen May Continue Higher as Geopolitics Drive Risk Aversion Canadian Dollar Advanced Before June CPI Data Overnight See Data Releases on Your Charts with the DailyFX News App The economic calendar is quiet in European hours, with May’s Eurozone Current Account figures the only noteworthy item on the docket. Volatility may be on […]

No Yellin’ – EUR, GBP, JPY Ready to Breakout?

After many months of low forex volatility, one gets the distinct impression that the worst is probably behind us, and that there are a few signs emerging that would suggest that the main forex pairs are on the cusp of a major breakout. Dealers and investors require movement for opportunity and are just itching for […]

Euro Looking for a Lifeline in Revised June Inflation Data

Talking Points: Euro May Rise if June’s Inflation Reading is Revised Upward Yen Gains as Aussie, NZ Dollars Fall on Fading Risk Appetite See Data Releases on Your Charts with the DailyFX News App A revised set of June’s Eurozone CPI figures headlines an otherwise lackluster economic calendar in European trading hours. The benchmark year-on-year […]

GBPJPY find support on yet another fib

The GBPJPY pair has been trading in a fairly straightforward manner since breaking out of a triangle formation back in mid-June. With key fibonacci levels having held up well in the past, signs are that we could be watching the pair move into the next step higher today following a strong bout of buying yesterday. […]

Top Trade Idea For July 16th, 2014 –GBP/USD

The pound lost some ground this morning in reaction to the UK labour market data. As expected, the unemployment rate fell to 6.5% in May from 6.6% in April, while jobless claims dropped by 36,300 applications last month which was better than expected. However, earnings growth was again weaker, which remains one of the main […]

Forget Euro Sentiment, Yellen to Provide FX direction

A plethora of economic data releases coupled with central bank rhetoric is expected to have a meaningful impact on forex market volatility this week and it can’t come too soon. Overnight in Australasia, it was the Bank of Japan (BoJ) and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) that got the ball rolling. However, both have […]

EUR and GBP Are Committed To CFTC Reports

The world has been spoiled by the beautiful game for the past four weeks, and with yesterday’s final, can the markets now get down to some business? All the various asset classes have suffered during the tourney; all robbed of sustainable volume and volatility over the past few weeks and the beginning of the summer […]

EUR/USD Pinned as EUR/JPY Pivots from June Swing; USD/CAD Emerges

Talking Points: EURJPY, EURUSD holding ground despite many negative events. GBPCHF remains a buy on dips, USDCAD breakout emerges. Reminder that July forex seasonals in QE era work against USD. If there was ever a week that could transpire a series of events flush in Euro negativity, last week failed to live up to the […]

Dollar Torn Between Revived Volatility and Fading Rate Forecasts

Talking Points: Dollar Torn Between Revived Volatility and Fading Rate Forecasts Euro’s Troubles Build as Sovereign and Financial Stability Concerns Revived British Pound: Hike Hopes Face True Test Next Week on CPI, Jobs Dollar Torn Between Revived Volatility and Fading Rate Forecasts Once again, the Dollar’s two primary fundamental guide-lines were pulling the currency in […]

Dollar Drops Despite a Rise in Volatility, Fed Forecast Standoff

Talking Points: Dollar Drops Despite a Rise in Volatility, Fed Forecast Standoff Euro Traders Start to Feel Rumbles in Financial System, Greece Again British Pound May not Have Been Cowed by Data but Yields Were Dollar Drops Despite a Rise in Volatility, Fed Forecast Standoff Forex traders are taking a pessimistic view of the US […]

Top Trade Idea for July 9th, 2014 – USD/JPY

The markets are mostly comatose today as we wait for the FOMC minutes this afternoon. Until then we think that tight ranges will prevail. While it is always a tough call to predict anything that comes out of the Fed, we think that, on balance, the message could be less dovish than recent statements. We […]

FX Waits For The US to Return Today

It’s difficult to get excited about a market after a long weekend, especially one where various asset classes have been on a tear of late. It seems that both Asia and Europe are happy to rely on taking market direction suggestions from North America after the Fourth of July celebrations. Last week saw global bourses […]

Strong June US NFPs Boost Technical Conditions for US Dollar Rally

Talking Points: US NFPs +288K, UR to 6.1% – USDOLLAR breaks June downtrend. AUDUSD, EURUSD more vulnerable than GBPUSD, USDJPY. July forex seasonals in QE era still working against greenback, however. Strong US labor data has set the pre-conditions necessary for a US Dollar rally. Now, several technical factors have lined up, opening a window […]

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