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Central Bankers Take Center Stage

Both the FOMC and Bank of Japan will share the centre stage this week but let us not forget the Austalia Q2 CPI, which will be vying for some of the spotlights. Federal Reserve -Conundrum  The Federal Reserve Board( Feds) capably stage- managed a masterful decline in real US rates in Q2  propelling risk sentiment skyrocketing […]

USDJPY and JPY Crosses. Storm Clouds Gathering

A quiet end of the week in Asia but storm clouds appear to be gathering from a technical perspective on JPY Crosses. Asia definitely has a “Friday” feeling about it today. G-20’s this weekend, BOJ and FOMC next week. Plus, most importantly for this Kiwi, the start of the Super 18 Rugby play-offs tonight, have […]

Top trade idea for July 22nd, 2016 – EUR/USD

Draghi’s dilemma puts EURUSD double bottom in play The ECB’s caution on post Brexit stimulus has seen the Euro pause at chart support. Today’s Flash PMI data might decide whether this turns into a full corrective rally Yesterday, the ECB signalled its perfectly sensible intention to wait until it has a clearer picture of the […]

Lots of Noise But Lacking in Direction

JPY- Kuroda Corrodes Just when the JPY bears were showing some swagger, Bank ofJapan Kuroda squashed markets hopes for “helicopter money”, well at least he did in mid-June when a BBC 4 interview took place. The USdJPY was sitting comfortable perched above 107 before plummeting to 105.50 on the old comments. While the move may […]

Will the ECB show a different hand?

Five things the markets are talking about Nope, not really and that’s the majorities viewpoint. Businesses as usual as Euro policy makers are waiting for more data. However, many believe Euro officials may signal such a move is on the cards at the bank’s September 8th meeting. Expect Draghi to be questioned about Brexit and […]

Top trade idea for July 21st, 2016 – EURUSD

Ahead of the ECB today I would like to show a bearish pattern in the makings on the EURUSD pair and it doesn’t really matter if it is going to be a Euro related move lower or a US dollar move higher, the path of least resistance here is the downside and not the upside. […]

USD/CNH Provides Excitement, Stocks Higher Again

A  quiet day in Asia for G10 with only USD/CNH providing some excitement. Stocks continue their march higher ahead of central banks and expected China easing.  Asia G10 FX A generally range bound day for currencies in Asia with AUD, EURO and USDJPY trading around their mid-range points of 0.7500, 1.1000 and 106.00 respectively. NZD […]

The Central Bank Waiting Game

The Central Bank waiting game is taking hold of the G-10 complex as Investors nervously contemplate their pending decisions while mindfully scanning the geopolitical landscape. Australian Dollar-Losing Yield Appeal  Fissures are appearing in the yield carry backstop that supported the Australian Dollar post-Brexit. The Australian Dollar Yield appeal tarnished after the RBA left the door […]

Central Banks to Dominate Proceedings

Tuesday July 19: Five things the markets are talking about Potential monetary policy decisions are currently dictating market moves, whether its bond yields, currency values or equity prices. The European Central Bank (ECB) meets this Thursday and is expected to leave its policy unchanged. That goes for the Fed too, they meet on July 27. […]

USD/CAD Canadian Dollar Lower After Oil Glut Keep Prices Down

The Canadian dollar started the week trading lower against its American counterpart. The failed Coup in Turkey built energy price anxiety that dissipated as the country did not suffer more than a short term shock as the political institutions regained power. The drop in oil prices as the potential disruption of Turkish ports never materialized […]

Ireland Hits Brexit Alarm

The prime minister is under pressure, economists are slashing growth forecasts and companies are warning of Brexit’s dire consequences. London? No, Dublin. The intertwining of trade and finance means no other country is feeling the fallout from the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union more than Ireland. In the year the Irish marked the […]

5 Observations On The BoE Decision

On Thursday July 14, the Bank of England (BoE) announcement saw eight MPC members voting for a ‘no’ change in U.K monetary policy, while clearly signalling their intention to provide more stimulus next month having warned in advance of the June 23 vote that economic growth would likely slow in that event. Those aside, there […]

Post-Brexit Highs, Lows, Quandaries and Geopolitics

Post-Brexit Highs and Quandaries A post-Brexit range is coming into a semblance of order .   The market is seeking to determine a new symmetrical level for both the Pound and Japanese Yen. While the next JPY trend is destined to be created on the back Tokyo’s fiscal and monetary stimulus, the pound is still in a […]

Top trade idea for July 15th, 2016 – GBP/USD

“The trend is your friend.” It’s one of the market’s great old sayings and this is exactly the kind of situation it refers to. After a massive decline, the Pound has begun to rally. At this stage, my presumption is that this is a corrective rally. As such its likely to present an opportunity to […]

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected On the tails of the UK referendum vote perhaps it’s best to expect the unexpected from Central Banks. Overnight, the anticipated interest rate cut from the BOE failed to materialize, sending the Pound rocketing higher and making the Capital Market landscape that much more difficult to navigate. While shading the MPC statement […]

Stocks Hit Eight-Month Highs Ahead Of BoE

World shares hit an eight-month high on Thursday as the Bank of England prepared to deliver its Brexit defense plan, a move investors believe could set off another round of global central bank- and government-led stimulus. Talk of more action from Japan had lifted sentiment ahead of a BoE policy statement, and European markets opened […]

USD/CAD Canadian Dollar Higher After BOC Holds Rates

The Bank of Canada (BoC) held rates unchanged at 0.50 percent on Wednesday. The central bank did downgrade its growth expectations for the Canadian economy in 2016 down to 1.3 percent from a previous 1.7 percent. The BoC was less dovish than expected and while it was acknowledged that the drop in commodities prices and […]

Top trade idea for July 14th, 2016 – AUDUSD

Ugly pattern on the AUDUSD pair in the sense that we have a double combination to the downside that retraced between 61.8% and 70% only to be followed by a strong bounce higher. However, a closer look at this bounce is telling us that this is no impulsive wave, even though we kind of need […]

Australian Dollar – China Conundrum

Markets have begun to show signs of stabilising overnight. Asia equity futures traded mixed, and the US Benchmark S&P500 closed unchanged.Crude oil initially declined following the latest inventory survey which pointed to a surprising 2.2 million barrel build. However, prices stabilised quickly and  are marching  higher at this morning NYMEX and ICE Futures openThe Australian […]

What’s The BoE To Do?

The Bank of England (BoE) is expected to cut its benchmark interest rate to a new record low (+0.25%) tomorrow, or at the very least send a strong message to the market that a cut is imminent now that the U.K electorate has voted to leave the EU. BoE’s Governor Carney has been front and […]

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