Today is Fri, October 20, 2017 18:50:23 GMT
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Bernanke’s Plot!

If this is economic recovery, then I want no part of it.
Another week has begun with the US dollar weakening and everything else going higher, as the Fed’s attempts to force-feed “recovery” have accelerated the pace of inflation fears. Oil is trading at 106 and change, and gold is reaching new highs in the 1440s. […]

Where Rubber Meets The Road!

All eyes this morning are on the US Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report due out at 8:30AM EST. While this is always one of the most significant economic reports that will induce market volatility, it hasn’t been this anticipated for some time.
Last month’s NFP report was an outlier, in that the 36K jobs gains reported almost […]

The Twilight Zone!

North is south, right is wrong, up is down. Have you ever had the feeling that what you believe to be true really isn’t? That somehow you exist in an alternate reality and are starting to question your own sanity?Well that’s how I feel when I listen to Fed Head Bernanke give testimony to Congress. […]

Oil, Jobs, Inflation Oh My!

There is a lot going on in world markets recently and it seems like we are reaching a tipping point of some sort. With oil hovering around $100, rising inflation data around the globe, improving (but still historically high and unacceptable) employment figures and risk fears over government deficits and unrest in certain regions around […]

Is A Little A lot?

Today brings a bunch of different economic data points from around the globe that singularly don’t add up to much but taken collectively do indeed show one thing: that economic recovery is taking place.All of the numbers and the metrics appear to be growing; yet why does it feel like things are actually getting worse? […]

The Root Cause!

Whether it is fears of inflation, interest rate differentials, or geo-political events that are driving world markets, it is important to get to the root cause and try to understand what is going on around the globe to be able to ascertain what is the best course of action.The major problem around the globe is […]

Dollar Done?

With recent turmoil in world markets, one of the “surefire” things we would normally assume under such risk aversion did not take place. In the past, when world economic markets have been faced with adversity and risk, the US dollar was one of the most sought after investments.Because the US dollar is the world’s de […]

One Hundred Reasons To Worry!

Global markets have been sliding this week and the flight to safety trade has been in full effect. The unrest taking place in N. Africa has the markets on edge and has helped catapult oil prices to over $100/barrel.This is mostly a function of the risk premium that has been priced into oil, as there […]

Force Majeure!

At least that’s what has been declared in Libya on oil exports as the violence and unrest continues to increase, removing some of the world’s supply of oil. While this supply shock is not great enough to cause a lack of oil, it has contributed to higher oil prices and the risk premium that is […]