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Top Trade Idea For September 29th, 2014 – SGD/JPY

In early August, SGD/JPY (the Singapore dollar against the Japanese yen) hit a low near 81. Five weeks later, it began a serious uptrend which saw a rise of more than 500 pips. For the past week or so, it has consolidated within a narrow range. This should provide us an opportunity to join the […]

Top Trade Idea For September 26th, 2014 – USD/JPY

After a stellar rally, USDJPY might complete a double top here. This would happen if price breaks support at 108.25 instead of rallying past the potential double tops. A typical approach by pattern traders would be to set a stop entry sell order below the double top support looking for a correction of the last […]

Top Trade Idea For September 25th, 2014 – GBPUSD

With the US dollar on a tear higher, the only thing that sustained the gbpusd at these elevated levels seems to be the uncertainty about the recent Scottish referendum. Now that the results are behind us, gbpusd should play a little catch up game with the eursd and I would say it is only a […]

Top Trade Idea for September 24th 2014 –GBP/AUD

At the start of this month, GBPAUD bulls were in full panic mode. The volatile pair had dropped to a new 10-month low to approach the 1.7200 level, down nearly 2,000 pips from the January high. In retrospect, the lopsided balance of buyers and sellers at that point represented the apex of selling pressure, and […]

Top Trade Idea For September 23th, 2014-GBP/USD

Cable has been falling sharply since July of this year; pair lost more than 1000 pips from around 1.7180 high. Leg down was fast and extended so we believe it’s impulsive and part of a much larger bearish trend. As such, any contra-trend or upward reaction will be limited and only a correction within ongoing […]

Top Trade Idea For September 18th, 2014 – USDJPY

This week I am joining the bulls party in the jpy pairs and the analysis above is about the all important jpy pair of them all: the usdjpy. The thing is that what started after breaking that prolonged contracting triangle looks to be the third wave of an impulsive move and, in order for a […]

Top Trade Idea For September 17th, 2014

The AUD/NZD currency pair is looking very interesting from a technical point of view. After it finally broke above sturdy resistance of 1.1035 in mid-August, the currency cross went on to achieve a high of 1.1294 before pulling back sharply from there. But I think this latest pullback was caused primarily by longs taking profit, […]

Top Trade Idea For September 15th, 2014 – EUR/USD

Last week, we recommended a USD/CHF long towards 0.9350 on a fourth wave pullback. While our target was reached, price didn’t pull back enough to trigger the entry. This time, we’ve waited for a euro fourth wave pullback to end and have designed a short trade around it. This one-hour chart includes a simple Elliott […]

Top Trade Idea For September 12th, 2014 – EUR/AUD

I love it when a triple signal comes together! EUR/AUD has rallied almost 5 big figures over the last 5 trading days. This looks like a stunning reversal of an established down trend: The rally brings the pair back to the 50 day moving average, the trend line, and previous support/resistance at 1.4275. Fundamentally, both […]

Top Trade Idea For September 11th, 2014 – EURUSD

After last week’s scenario being invalidated by an extremely bearish market, we’re coming back with an updated eurusd calling for lower values still to come most likely until the all important Fed meeting next week. The thing is that the whole move to the downside comes with a bottoming formation, and that is the running […]

Top Trade Idea For September 8th, 2014 – USD/CHF

Four weeks ago, we recommended a USD/CHF long trade (entry 0.9030) which worked as planned In lieu of the ongoing US dollar rally and last week’s ECB rate cut, we’re going back to the well for another USD/CHF long. This three-hour chart includes a simple Elliott Wave count from the late August low of […]

Top Trade Idea For September 5th, 2014 – AUD/CAD

Aussie CAD has formed into a neat rectangle formation having now completed 2 rejections of both the support and resistance. I’ve shown the daily chart here to highlight the rectangle formation. But if you look at the longer term weekly, you’ll see that momentum oscillators like the slow stochastic are still trending up. This leads […]

Top Trade Idea For September 4th, 2014 – EURUSD

Being an ECB day today, it is only normal to look at the eurusd and to try to identify the path of least resistance for the pair as volatility will be the name of the game in the period to come. And it is not only about what the ECB will do or not, as […]

Top Trade Idea for September 3rd 2014 – USD/CNH

After an unexpectedly weak first half of the year, the offshore Chinese yuan (CNH) has been gradually strengthening over the last few weeks. From an economic perspective, this shift coincided with rapid improvements in both the official and HSBC measures of Manufacturing PMI, which simultaneously peaked at 51.7 last month. Unfortunately, this week’s data was […]

Trade Idea For September 2nd,2014 – AUD/USD

For five months, the Australian dollar has been consolidating within a tight range from 0.92 to 0.95. Despite periods of significant US dollar strength, the Aussie held up better than most other G10 currencies. With signs of the end of US dollar strength, the Australian dollar finally has a chance of moving above 0.95. Right […]

Trade Of The Day For August 29th,2014 – AUD/JPY

Despite the wishes of RBA Governor Glenn Stevens, the AUD continues to defy gravity. Lower commodity prices should see lower terms of trade, and a lower Aussie, yet the currency continues to frustrate short sellers. Eventually, USD strength as stimulus is withdrawn should see a lower AUD/USD. But the AUD/JPY chart is telling a different […]

Top Trade Idea For August 28th, 2014 – AUDUSD

For the audusd pair there is still trouble ahead as the path of least resistance seems to be still to the downside and not the upside like recent price action might indicate. The thing is that the pair is consolidating for the last 5 months around 0.95 and 0.9300 levels, so 200 pips range that […]

Top Trade Idea For August 27th,2014 – EUR/CHF

Since the Swiss National Bank (SNB) imposed its peg in EUR/CHF, this cross has only traded below 1.20 a handful of times, and each time it has bounced off this important level of support. In the three years that the peg has been in place, the market hasn’t tested the SNB’s resolve with any gusto. […]

Trade Idea For August 25th,2014 – USD/NOK

Over the past few weeks, USD/NOK (Norwegian Krone) has fallen almost 3% from almost 6.31 to 6.13. The subsequent pullback from 6.13 has also been weak only reaching 6.20. As we feel it should reach 6.22-6.24, we’ll discuss a way to place a trade allowing for the fact that we’re unsure which form the correction […]

Top Trade Idea For August 24th, 2014 – EUR/JPY

The August holidays seemed to have just gone by while the end of the month is fast approaching but most anticipation through market sentiments are focused on both the Euro zone’s deteriorating economic situation versus a more positive outlook for the US right after Yellen’s and Draghi’s speech at Jackson Hole last week. What would […]

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