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Contributors When Governments Get Desperate, Pension Funds are at Risk
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What happened when Ireland and Hungary’s debts got to large? They raided pension funds…and since “they are the law”, there was nothing anyone could do about it. It was “legal theft”.

Think that was a “one off” event or that those types of things have stopped? Think again! Just this week, Portugal raided their countries pension funds to pay their bills. You can read more about it here.

Think that can never happen here in America? Don’t think it so strange now that we’ve had Hank Paulson allow Lehman to fail…with the government turning General Motors into Government Motors.

They also basically forced Bank of America to take Countrywide and Merrill Lynch too.

So if governments like the U.S. government can overstep their bounds there and get by with it…don’t think they won’t consider taking your pension/IRA one day and tell you that its patriotic to support the country in that way.

This is why you should have some money outside of the U.S. and some money outside of the U.S. dollar.

Governments don’t look after our well-being as much as they put on to do. They are greedy, over-spenders. And when they run out of cash, they’ll first come to you and demand more taxes but later on, even that won’t be enough. So they’ll go after your pensions/IRAs.

If you think the government here in America wouldn’t do that…you’re giving them too much credit and perceiving them to be more noble than they really are.

Sean Hyman
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