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Contributors 2012 Could Be America’s Next “Oil War”!
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The next Oil War could begin sometime this year. 

While it’s not certain yet…it certainly is becoming a huge possibility as America and Iran keep trying to “one up” each other. 

It’s like one country moving a Chess piece and the other one countering with their next move…both trying to Checkmate the other. 

That’s been going on for months now. One thing is for certain…it’s going to bring a lot of volatility to the price of oil again if the next “oil war” breaks out. 

Oh I know they say it’s for nuclear weapons…and it could be. However, all I know is that we tend to fight the most where there are vast resources where we can get our hands upon them. There’s unrest all over the world, but it seems we’ve been very strategic as to where we strike. 

You see, you can’t get America to send their young men over to go get Iran’s oil but you can get them to send their young men over if you mention the word “nuclear”. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the military. Heck, I’m encouraging one of my sons right now to consider going into the Air Force when he gets out of high school. So I’m pro-America and definitely for a strong military. 

However, I’m not always for policing the world or pulling the wool over the public’s eyes either by fancy political moves. 

I have no doubt that Iran would love to take over the world and the only way they can even attempt to do that is to have nuclear weaponry that can reach the U.S. It’s the only “equilizer” I know of out there. 

So I figure we will ensure that Iran can’t successfully build nuclear weaponry and while we’re there…we’ll try to ensure that they 1) can’t cut the world off from oil and 2) that we’ll get our hands onto their oil to ensure we continue to have the needed supplies to continue to grow our massive economy. 

The bottom line: If America or Israel strikes Iran, oil will likely spike and gas will likely go up at the pump. This will eat into your pocket book if you don’t prepare ahead of time. 

I watch two currency pairs in the forex market for my Currency Cross Trader subscribers that we’ll look to if this war does breakout and we’ll not only defend our wealth but we’ll also profit from these actions since we can’t stop them anyway. 

Whatever tactic the government uses to impact our wealth in the short-term or long-term, the forex market has an answer that appropriately combats their tactics. 

So while I can’t control the wacky moves of the government…I do still have control…it’s through knowing how to combat those policies/moves in the markets to help to protect the wealth of my subscribers and to even grow that wealth while the wealth of most Americans wanes due to higher oil prices and higher prices of gasoline at the pump. 

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