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Bitcoin Continues Offensive as Holiday Season Nears

Bitcoin is continuing its attack on the $332 level. Earlier today we bounced off $332.92. After a small retracement to $326.66, BTC/USD is back on the offensive, hitting a high of $334.46 before pulling back. We are currently quoted at the $330 round figure on BTC-E. Prices are higher on other exchanges, $335 on OKCoin […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 23rd December 2014

Bitcoin gradually climbed to a one-week high of $333 on BTC-e, now trading at $329. Volume continues to be choppy, with periods of sub-100 BTC/hour activity intermittently dispersed with those exceeding 500. Its big hurdle remains the $340 range which, until surpassed, makes it unlikely that the recent retracement will blossom into a larger mid-term […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 22nd December 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is trading higher today, currently at $326 on BTC-e. Earlier, it continued its choppy ways, spiking to over $332 on a sudden surge in volume to over 1000 BTC/hour. It was BTC’s highest point in six days, a difficult period which saw it nearly break $300. The sudden spike helped it overcome a recent aversion […]

Bitcoin Stuck Between Double Top and Double Bottom

Bitcoin bounced off the important $330 figure again. Earlier today, BTC/USD rallied from $315 per coin to a high of $332.03 before retracing somewhat. We are currently quoted at $325 on BTC-E, $329 on BitStamp and $330 on OKCoin. The chart below shows the price action of the last few days, including the recent double […]

Bitcoin Little Changed After Volatile 24 Hours

Bitcoin is trading little changed after a volatile 24 hours. Prices rallied from $315 to a high of $330.02 yesterday. But after topping out at $330, BTC/USD proceeded to lose all the gains. We are currently quoted at $315 per coin on BTC-E, $319 on BitStamp and $321 on OKCoin. In our article yesterday, we […]

Bitcoin Double Bottoms Near $300, Next Move Awaited

Bitcoin’s double bottom near $300 survives, for now. Today’s foray lower stopped at $304.98, around $1 dollar higher compared to yesterday’s low at $304.05. Since hitting the lows BTC rebounded somewhat, peeking at $317.50 later in the day. We are currently quoted at $315 per coin on BTC-E. As usual, prices are slightly higher on […]

Bitcoin Retests $300, Lawsky Announces Changes to BitLicense

Bitcoin is making another move for the $300 round figure. Earlier today, prices got as low as $304.98 before recovering somewhat. We are currently trading slightly above the lows at $308.65 on BTC-E. Prices are slightly higher on OKCoin and BitStamp at $310 a piece. Today’s trading session may be decisive in determining whether the […]

Bitcoin Extends Move Lower, $304 Hit

After breaking past $319 yesterday, bitcoin extended the move lower to $312. The downtrend continued today with more losses to $304.05. After the lows prices rallied on BTC-E, spiking to a high of $319.45 four hours ago. But when the other bitcoin exchanges didn’t follow the move and remained flat, price fell back down. We […]

Bitcoin Bounces Off $319, CSBS Joins the Regulatory Party

Bitcoin continued the downward trend today, spiking to a low of $318.10 few hours ago. From here, BTC/USD reversed and hit a high of $328.39. We are currently quoted at $327.51 on BTC-E, $332 on OKCoin and $334 on BitStamp. The chart below shows the V-shaped reversal during the past 12 hours. While prices briefly […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 16th December 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) has dropped sharply to $329 on BTC-e, its lowest point in six weeks. It has broken through its short-term support point of $339, which had been repeatedly tested during the previous 72 hours. As assessed, any meaningful breach would send BTC to fresh lows. During the past 48 hours, there has been a noticeable uptick […]

Bitcoin Breaks $332 as Downtrend Resumes

Bitcoin’s downtrend continued today as prices broke the $332 swing low. The move lower took BTC/USD to $324.60. Around mid-day we saw a small retracement to $328.74, likely caused by the Time announcement. Bitcoin is currently quoted at $325.80 on BTC-E. As usual prices are higher on OKCoin at $332 and BitStamp at $337. The […]

Bitcoin Flat as Falcon Global Capital Closes Fund

Bitcoin is trading flat after an uneventful Sunday session. After opening the day at $341.68, prices fell to a low of $336.94. From here, BTC/USD rallied to a daily high of $346.93 but few hours later bitcoin fell back down to the daily open at $341.50. Prices are slightly higher on OKCoin at $347 and […]

Bitcoin Range Continues for a Second Day

Bitcoin is continuing to trade range-bound. After yesterday’s $10 dollars, the range today shrunk to a mere $7 dollars. The daily low stands at $340.03 and the high at $347.50. We are currently quoted just of the highs at $341.83 on BTC-E. As usual prices are somewhat higher on OKCoin at $345 and BitStamp at […]

Bitcoin Pauses as Volatility Dies Down

Bitcoin is trading mostly unchanged after the volatility experienced during the last two days died down. The daily range today was just under $10 dollars, a far cry from yesterday’s $24 dollars. The lowest low stands at $339.60 and the highest high at $349.56. We are currently quoted at $346 on BTC-E and $354 on […]

Bitcoin Surrenders Most Post-Microsoft Gains

Since our last update, bitcoin surrendered most of the post-Microsoft gains. Prices fell from a high of $356 per coin to a low of $339.60 yesterday. We are currently quoted not far from the lows at $342.50 on BTC-E. As usual, prices are higher on BitStamp at $350 and OKCoin at $348. We’ve seen this […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 11th December 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) made a dramatic reversal 6 hours ago after plunging as low as $332.50 on BTC-e, its lowest level since November 8th. After selling accelerated, it shot back up by 7.5% to as high as $357. It is currently trading at $348. The pattern may be the short-term critical point of reversal many traders have […]

Bitcoin Reverses Losses on Microsoft Announcement

Bitcoin volatility continues to increase. Today’s daily range is already at $23.49 dollars and we’re only 10 hours into the session. After opening the day at $340, the initial fall lower took prices to $332.51. From here BTC/USD reversed all the losses and then some as news spread that Microsoft will start to accept BTC […]

Bitcoin Auction Results and Black Friday Stats Pose Questions

Bitcoin is continuing the downward movement. After opening at $358.93, BTC/USD fell over $20 dollars to hit a daily low of $337.94. But bitcoin didn’t stay low for long and prices soon bounced off the $339 mark. We are currently quoted at $346.11 on BTC-E. Since we didn’t even get an hourly close below the […]

Bitcoin Closes Lower, $350 Eyed

After several days of uneventful trading, bitcoin volatility is on a slight uptick! After opening at $368.75 BTC/USD fell to a low of $357.11. But unlike previous days, prices didn’t recover this time and after a brief pause, a second down move took prices to a new low of $355 flat. We are currently quoted […]

Bitcoin: BTC/USD Technical Analysis – 8th December 2014

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) fell unexpectedly to below $358 on BTC-e, a 10-day low, during the past four hours of trading. The drop of 3.2 % was its sharpest in 10 days, as well. Though price swings of 3% are an everyday occurrence in crypto trading, today’s drop came without warning. BTC had been trading tightly around $370 for […]