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Top Trade Idea For August 8th, 2014 – EUR/GBP

After a major decline, the net effect of price movement in the Euro against the Pound since early July has been a broad drift sideways. This loss of momentum often comes before a change in trend.  It’s early days yet, but EURGBP is starting to get a head and shoulder look about it.My trade idea […]

Pressure Intensifies for ECB’s Draghi

Summer holidays? What summer holidays? It is near impossible to take your eyes off the trading screens, in doing so, one may misinterpret the next event or geopolitical risk that has been thrown at capital markets in the most unique of times. Market dynamics are shifting, albeit regional, political, and economical. For dealers and investors, […]

Euro Looks to Draghi Press Conference for Stimulus Expansion Clues

Talking Points: Euro Looks to ECB President Draghi’s Presser for Stimulus Expansion Clues Bank of England Rate Decision Likely to be a Non-Event for the British Pound Australian Dollar Fell After Soft Jobs Data Undermined RBA Rate Hike Bets A monetary policy announcement from the European Central Bank headlines the calendar in European hours. The […]

EUR’s Noose Tightens

It’s not a surprise to the forex landscape that market movement remains somewhat beholden to central bank rate announcements, and less so to geopolitical and fundamental risks. This week we still have two of the biggest central banks to report: the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England (BoE). What is currently happening […]

Top Trade Idea For August 7th, 2014 – GBPAUD

After the terrible employment data in Australia I am saying that the market has just ended a contracting triangle on the gbpaud pair that is about to break higher. Like any contracting triangle, this one travels between the a-c and b-d trend lines and by the time the b-d trend line is broken we should […]

Dollar Swells Without Break as S&P 500 Drops, Fisher Warns of Hikes

Talking Points: Dollar Swells Without Break as S&P 500 Drops, Fisher Warns of Hikes British Pound Top Performer as Data Revives BoE Hopes, More Ahead Euro Faces Top Event Risk in 2Q Italian GDP Release Dollar Swells Without Break as S&P 500 Drops, Fisher Warns of Hikes The dollar was up against most of its […]

EUR Pounded To A Nine-Month Low

A number of central bank monetary policy rate announcements combined with few Group of 10 jobs reports will dominate the fundamental horizon for the remainder of this week. Already the forex market has taken a curve ball with the release of a record-low HSBC services purchasing managers’ index (PMI) figure from China late last night. […]

Dollar May Rise as ISM Print Boosts Fed Outlook, Pound Eyes PMI Data

Talking Points: British Pound Looks to PMI Figures to Inform BOE Rate Hike Speculation US Dollar May Rise as Upbeat ISM Report Feeds Fed Normalization Bets Aussie Dollar Erases Intraday Losses, Trades Flat After RBA Rate Decision July’s UK Services PMI figure is expected to show a slight acceleration in the pace of non-manufacturing sector […]

Pound Looks to PMI Data to Fuel Selloff After Hitting 7-Week Low

Talking Points: British Pound Looks to Construction PMI Data to Fuel Continued Selling Australian Dollar Strengthened as Risk Appetite Firmed in Overnight Trade View Economic Data Releases on Your Charts with the DailyFX News App The UK Construction PMI figure headlines an otherwise lackluster European economic calendar. Expectations point to a narrow slowdown in the […]

Dollar Positioned for a Breakout but Will GDP and the Fed Provide?

Talking Points: Dollar Positioned for a Breakout but Will GDP and the Fed Provide? Euro Faces its Own Volatility on Stocked Docket British Pound Unimpressed by Surge in Mortgage Approvals Dollar Positioned for a Breakout but Will GDP and the Fed Provide? It’s an appropriate place to be, heading into such a significant round of […]

This Week: Suit Up, Strap In, And Be Dollar Ready

Last week saw global markets fluctuate between corporate earnings and geopolitical conflicts. There was an excess of negative news out of Israel and eastern Ukraine, with each region’s headlines countering much of the decent U.S. and European quarterly earnings reports. On the whole, the reports were relatively good, despite a couple of curve balls thrown […]

Fed, NFPs Line Up this Week with USD Technical Breakouts

Talking Points: EURUSD aims below 1.3400, USDCHF above 0.9150. GBPUSD critical support comes in at 1.6920. July forex seasonals in QE era still working against greenback, however. A culmination of factors may be aligning for further US Dollar strength over the coming days, even as the economic calendar comes in rather light until Wednesday. However, […]

Midyear FX Outlook: The Mighty Buck’s Return Is Nigh

The question on every investor’s lips is, “when will the Fed raise interest rates?” Global currency markets continue to flounder in an environment of low volatility and volume despite being punctuated by periods of geopolitically induced risk events. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict remains a significant concern that was heightened by a Malaysian jetliner being was […]

RBNZ Bulls Not Affected By Dairy Prices

Capital markets require rate divergence for sustainable volatility, which in turn drives greater investor interest, more volatility and so on. The market just wants price movement. To date, central banks and option traders have been successful handcuffing the forex asset class to tight, contained, and boring currency ranges for many months. Even geopolitical risk, when […]

Top Trade Idea For July 24th, 2014 – EURGBP

I would like to take a look at the eurgbp cross this week as it is forming/ending one of the most complex forms of correction on this four hours chart you can see above and from my point of view that is a nice risk reward ratio to get out of this setup. I am […]

EURJPY and GBPJPY both faces major support following selloff

The GBPJPY and EURJPY pair tend to have somewhat mixed fortunes with their correlation over the years. However, there are certain times when you can see a convergence of notable support levels across the two. With both these major levels coming into play, I think we could see a reaction in both pairs very soon. […]

British Pound Out of Room and Facing Trial by Event Risk

Talking Points: Dollar Performance Not as Robust as EURUSD Insinuates Euro Tumbles As European Equities Rally British PoundOut of Room and Facing Trial by Event Risk Dollar Performance Not as Robust as EURUSD Insinuates The world’s most liquid currency cross EURUSD made a significant break this past session. Breaking through the 1.3500-floor that kept the […]

Event Risk Trumps Forex Fundamentals

The euro gained on the U.S. dollar and the yen held steady in a thinned-holiday Asian trading session overnight. But as tensions rise between Russia and the West, and the violence in the Gaza Strip becomes increasingly bloody, geopolitical events remain the focal point for investors and all asset classes. The corporate earnings season is […]

EUR/USD Breakdown, GBP/CAD, USD/CAD Breakouts Eyed this Week

Talking Points: EURUSD below July 2012-July 2013 TL, needs below 1.3475. GBPCAD and USDCAD still both point to breakouts higher. Reminder that July forex seasonals in QE era work against USD. It’s admittedly another quiet start to the trading week, with fewer than ten economic data releases (including central banker speeches) on the calendar for […]

No Yellin’ – EUR, GBP, JPY Ready to Breakout?

After many months of low forex volatility, one gets the distinct impression that the worst is probably behind us, and that there are a few signs emerging that would suggest that the main forex pairs are on the cusp of a major breakout. Dealers and investors require movement for opportunity and are just itching for […]

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