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Global Markets New Zealand

South Pacific Currencies Show Mixed Performance

Tradervox (Dublin) -Despite a surplus report from the Statistics New Zealand showing that for the Month of February the country registered NZ$161 million surplus, the kiwi slightly declined against the dollar. However, on close scrutiny, this figure looks deceiving since the export volume declined by 6.9 percent which has resulted to the low demand for the Kiwi. Declines in exports were fueled by the declining petroleum and aluminum sales; further, there has been decline in exports to New Zealand’s major trading partners.

South Pacific Dollars Fell after Weaker Chinese Manufacturing Data

Tradervox (Dublin) – The Aussie and the Kiwi fell after manufacturing data from China declined unexpectedly. China is New Zealand’s second largest export market and it is Australia’s largest trading partner; as such, decline in the manufacturing data led to panic among investors who went for safe haven currencies such as the dollar and the yen. According to JP Morgan’s G7 Volatility Index, there is implied volatility as the index rose to 10.27 percent after it had fallen to 9.91 percent on March 20 which is the lowest level since February 27.

NZD On The Up

Tradervox (Dublin) – With most experienced traders focused on the euro and the dollar, could we overlooking a highly effective currency? After various considerations, it has occurred to analysts that maybe more concentration should be given to the NZD. It is, after all, the best currency performer of the year.

Trading Week Outlook: Dec. 19 – Dec. 23

Dec. 17, 2011 ( – Following the Fed’s decision to keep the monetary policy status quo, the week ahead will bring a sequence of U.S. housing and economic growth data, which could instill further confidence in the resilience of the world’s largest economy and could fuel a Christmas rally (provided the headlines from the EU […]

Trading Week Outlook: Dec. 5 – Dec. 9

Dec. 3, 2011 ( – With the European Central Bank interest rate announcement and the EU Summit on the horizon, the trading week ahead could prove crucial for the future fate of the euro and the debt crisis-stricken euro-area. In preparation for the new trading week, here is the outlook for the Top 10 spotlight […]

Trading Week Outlook: Nov. 7 – Nov. 11

Nov. 5, 2011 ( – Although much lighter on pivotal economic data, the trading week ahead will not be any less intriguing as headlines from the Euro-zone debt crisis continue to dictate the market’s direction and traders prepare for the next act of the Greek drama, while keeping an eye on the political situation in […]

Trading Week Outlook: Oct. 24 – Oct. 28

Oct. 22, 2011 ( – The week ahead will bring a sequence of monetary policy announcements by three central banks and a long slate of important economic reports from the world’s largest economy, but once again the EU Summit will steal the show as traders ponder if the EU leaders will be capable of solving […]

Kiwi (NZD) At 6-Month Lows!

Thanks to a dual downgrade of their credit rating in New Zealand, the Kiwi has fallen to 6-month lows vs. USD.  Part of the reason is also because of the risk aversion in the markets due to the Euro debt crisis, which is seemingly a reason for just about everything being lower.  However, the Kiwi […]

EURNZD – Heading towards weekly support: 1.6380

I don’t know about you, but I think the best moment to look for  short opportunites its when the market breaks through and important LT support level and confirms it afterwards… this just happened with the Euro/New Zealand. The EURNZD broke through important LT support level last week, it looked as if it was going

Possible Bull Flag On Kiwi!

A quick check of the NZD/USD pair shows a possible bull flag formation as the combination of New Zealand’s economic strength (as reported by better than expected GDP figures the other day) and potential for US dollar weakness perhaps due to QE3 rumblings mean that the Kiwi could be in for a move to the upside. […]

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