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Video Educational Videos/Webinars

Here is a collection of past webinars that will be helpful to understanding the Forex Market and give you additional resources. (click on the links to view the webinars)

*Make sure you have a Windows Media Player to view the webinars

Secrets of a Forex Pro with Andrew Spanton

This webinar given by Andrew Spanton of GlobalFXRadio exclusively for shows abrief glimpse into the mind of a professional trader.  Andrew Spanton shares some of the insider secrets he uses to trade the forex market, such as his use of market correlations, currency crosses, fibonacci lines, and price action.  A must-see for the aspiring forex trader!

A Day in the Life of a Pro Forex Trader

This video is presented by Forex Mentor, Mike Conlon, depicting a day in the life of a Pro Trader.  Mike Conlon has over 14 years of trading experience and will present you with the commencement of his day to begin trading the forex market.  He will show you how to trade the news, following technical analysis and reliable resources to set his day.

Forex Traders Workshop – Part 1

This video consists of Forex Mentor, Mike Conlon, describing some advanced techniques for longer-term forex trading, including both swing trading and investing. The second part of the video covers risk management techniques, including everything from stop order placement to position sizing for all types of trading.

Forex Traders Workshop – Part 2

This video highlights the advanced day-trading techniques used by Forex Mentor, Mike Conlon as he demonstrates the different tactics he uses to place trades. The second part of the video is about understanding fundamental analysis and how to use it to your advantage in the trading arena.

Forex Traders Workshop – Part 3

The video shows the application of technical trading in a real-time trading environment and how to use them to make trading decisions. The second part of the video shows some short-term scalping techniques for rapid traders who like to be in and out of the market quickly.

Forex Traders Workshop – Part 4

This video asks the question “what type of trader are you” and gives you the tools necessary to help figure out what type of trading is best suited for you. The second part of the video shows you how to answer these questions and then put it all together to establish a trading plan.

Trading the News and Forex Correlations

This video is demonstrates some live day-trading during one of the most volatile events in the forex market, the Non-Farm Payrolls report. The second half of the video discusses the use of correlations in the forex market and how you can get clues about the movement of similar currency pairs.

Strategies for Managing Risk

This video is all about strategies for managing risk during any time-frame in any market environment. Topics covered are reward to risk ratio, use of protective stops, and position sizing. It also stresses the importance of risk management and tells you why it should be the first thing every trader considers.